2 Wheel unicycle

Hey anyone got tips for learning the 2 wheeler?

got one a few weeks cant get far at all, not even 1/4 of a rev!

tried holding onto ropes in a gym and cycling around a bit, i can move my legs but tis really awkward!

can you ride a regular unicyle yet

yeah been riding for like 1 yr and 7 months, skills up to level 5 and a nearly a level 6. i figure having ridden so much has set new instincts in my legs and now every time i fall forward my legs cycle me in the wrong direction. tis mighty confusing

I’ve never ridden one, but I’ve heard it takes ahwhile for your instincts to rearrange so that you dont pedal forward when you should pedal backwords ect. ect.

Good Luck!

great. let’s fill this forum with second-hand information and complete speculation. rubbish!

what kind of “unicycling tutorials” forum do you guys want? its up to you to decide. if you want a quality forum you guys have to refrain from posting unless you can give authoritative information on a topic.

hopefully gilby willl say something soon, or you could pm him and then come back here with what he says.

What do you want Gilby to do? He’s already got his hands full… he doesn’t have time to comb these forums for stupidity.

We have to police these forums ourselves.

Call out posters when they do stupid sh*t. PM them or whatever, but it’s up to every one of us to do what we can to maintain the integrity of these forums.

Maestro, you’ve posted twice and helped less than mornish.

And what mornish says is true, if not in depth.

one of my friends who can (kindof) ride a 2 wheeled unicycle told me that.

Incase you didnt know, which you obviously dont, Gilby happens to be one of the most acnoledged 2 wheelers around here.

Also, can you stop posting about how people need to stop posting stuff that they heard about?

Maestro’s first post in the thread is the one to look at. Just one example, but there are a million more that i dont want to waste time looking up.

I guess a 3-wheeled unicycle could help…I don’t know, that’s what it says on unicycle.com with the multi-wheeled ones.

You’re wasting space too! Anyways, when everything is wrong we move along… (All American Rejects, Move Along(I’m not sure that was a hit in any other country besides the U.S.) ) Gyms are great.

It’s cause when you have a unicycle with an odd number of wheels, it’s regular drive, but when you have an even number, it’s reversed.

So a 3 wheeled one would be easier, but it woulnd’t help him learn to ride a two wheeler.

i was very hurt by maestro’s post in that thread.

i was greatly offended.

i had dane my research and at that point in time, i though it was 100% correct to the best of my ability.

then to have him come and tell me that i’m degading the forum, that i have to research my answers before i post and be respectful to the RSU really upset me.

After i made my response to it i didnt hear a word back off him, and most certainly not an apology. Rude prick if you ask me.

Then somebody refers to gilby because he is one of the best 2-wheel riders on earth, and maestro yaps on about how ho shouldnt have to comb tho forums for stupidity, we have to police the forums ourself and call out people when they do something stupid.

He got it wrong there, lets call him out for being stupid and making a useless post and degrading our forums.

He also talks about how mornish’s post is just complete speculation and rubbish. it’s what he’s heard, it’s also what i’ve heard and it’s right. Maestro really outdid himself on this one.

All in all, i wish maestro would stop trying to act like he is the one policing the forums and getting rid of crappy posts, when in fact most are good and all he does is fu*& up.

i’ve lost all respect for him now and as far as i care he should just shut up.

rant over.

Hey iridemymuni you shouldn’t take what people say or write too seriously otherwise they’ll walk allover you and i know you don’t want that. Maybe it’s just me. But whoever this maestro is. The best to do is to just forget about him and move on. There’s alot of very friendly people on this forum and you know that if you needed help. Whether it be stuff about unicycling and so forth. People like me and the rest are always here to help.

So take care and don’t worry too much about it.

Hey Iridemyuni (Owen?), don’t worry too much about maestro8, he doesn’t do his own research sometimes, and tried to prove me wrong on three accounts by assuming that he was correct in the first place. Check it out here: music sets the tone
You’re also being much more helpful on this thread than he is by far, but I think that’s quite obvious. Knowing a friend that does the two wheeled uni is actually quite useful in this topic. But I agree, don’t take him too seriously. So far I’ve seen him get shut down on three occasions, once by you, once here, and once by me. I don’t really care to look up more examples, if there are any.

In his defense however, I agree that we shouldn’t completely fill this forum with complete speculation. He does have good ideas how the forum should run. I only have one request from him, and that’s to please don’t accuse the other person of something you think they did wrong, but find out if they really did what you think they did. Also, even if the did something wrong, no matter how bad, please ask them nicely to stop doing whatever they are doing. You may think that mildly abusive accusaions will help to get your point across, but really it only gives you a bad image.

take off the extra wheel and ride trials.

or learn how to ride backwards as well as you can foreward and that may help.

i ride one…im not the best but i can go about as far as i want and almost freemount it. the way i learned was by having a person on each side and helping me stay up…most the time they basically held me up…then when i finally felt a little more comfortable i started on a wall and saw how far i could go off of it…the trick there was to just keep pedaling and go fast. eventually i mad it around the gym but it took a while…i havent ridden it in a while…since like july…i add a wheel to it and ride it in parades…hope that helps some…sorry for bring back a older post but i was looking through this one for the first time and thought it might help…


Cheers! so yeah just practice… hehe. cheers!!

Just practice… I both one at www.Avanco.eu and I’m still learning but I can ride it for a couple of meters so I have had the hardest part I hope. I just started in the corner of 2 walls and I tried to continue following the wall…

Cool. I have and practise on a 2 wheeled uni. What I am finding the hardest part about it is riding backwards. I have got riding forwards done, and running mounts, I just need to work on idling and riding backwards. Practise helps, as does being able to ignore the thought of crashing and just going for it.