2 weeks of snow- then blue sky

Colorado at it’s best. Phat powder skiing for 2 weeks straight, then today. Cold, but Colorado Blue sky above. 25 kms of snowpacked, icy road riding on the 36er. Nice to get back on the wheel, give the legs some different muscles to work with. BTW, the skiing/shredding is awesome. :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of pics I took from todays ride.

Mt. Daly 4082 meters

getting started

That makes me sad…:frowning: I can’t go skiing this year except maybe in North Carolina for a day…Usually we go to Big Sky Montana but financial reasons prevent it. But have fun skiing in that powder, it looks nice :slight_smile: Makes me want to live in Colorado lol

here it was 2-3 weeks of rain :frowning:
now it is more than 1-2 weeks sun !!!:D:D
but it is a bit cold over here… (0°) :stuck_out_tongue:

and looks like you live in a nice village
and beautifull mountains around you :stuck_out_tongue:

mmmm dude those pictures are beautiful.

I love snow. We had a bit of snow (like a foot probably), but it started to melt with the warmer weather.

Our ski hill got really icey too. (read my post in Today I… about what happens when its icey haha)

yeah, i can see grass in some spots now… Sucks. But, atleast its not like -30 and windy as hell anymore.

i kinda wanna go skiing in CO sometime soon too. Heard its awesome there.

Finally some sun!!

Breckenridge on Saturday never got above Zero Degrees. Brrr. 3 runs and I was done.

Monarch yesterday was totally non-sucky!!
Although they closed Mirkwood, the trees were still deep and light. Not too crowded! Sunny and 30 degrees. Perfect day for powder skiing!

How have the crowds been this week there in Aspen?
We are down maybe 20%. Kinda nice to be able to drive around town.
But it would be nice to have the touristas back in force.

Great Pics as always!

Mike, as always, you make everyone on the forum insanely jealous of where you live, you b*stard.

sorry, sorry, sorry - but, somebody has to live here and put up with paris hilton happy new year

Aspen is never crowded, even with full occupancy. Summit County is disneyland compared to us, keep it to yourself though. We are down about the same percentage.


I’d be jealous, but I’d rather just walk out my front door.:slight_smile: