2 Weeks 2 MUniers.

Anyone else looking forward to about 2 weeks of vacation time? Also known is Holday/School break? I can’t wait. My friend and I are going to a local park with alot of woody hills and such for a fun LONG trip. 10 minute walk, HUGE hills going down about 2 miles. I plan on doing it at least 2 times so I’m thinking it will take a couple hours. It’s gonna be a blast. But that’s a day or 2 after Christmas. I hope it’s cold so the snow sticks around in patches, not everywhere though. Okay. You guys got 2 weeks off? Plans?

BTW: This is in Just Converstation cuz I was browsing it then had a post idea. Sorry.

Thanks you reminded me to call a guy about riding this weekend! Have fun on your ride


Thanks Mike. Have fun on yours and be careful.

Right now… I’ve got three weeks off, a brother who can now unicycle and as of today a funky new handle on my muni seatpost, to replace the cracking miyata. Let’s raaawwwwkkk…

Phil, just me