2 Vids

2 Vids:

Vid #1: Nothing fancy, just me doing some riding around campus/local skatepark. I’m not Dan Heaton, but I do my 1st grinds. And I have a wicked fall at the end :smiley:

Vid #2: Muni down Mt Major in Alton, NH. My friend Suzie and I hiked up, and she filmed me riding down. Longer video, riding doesn’t start for the 1st few minutes, but it was really fun. The trail was awesome, and much more ridable than I thought it would be. :slight_smile:

Quality isn’t great on these, but the gallery was down :wink:

good video !! I like the songs !
So when are you coming to montreal?

Nice riding. I can’t wait to get my camera working (need a firewire cord to transfer the footage to my comp), but it looks like you had a lot of fun. Thats some sweet terrain you have up there.

Was that OAR in the second video? It was sort of quiet, but it sounded like them…

If I recall, the songs used on Vid #2 were:
“I am your Density” - Edna’s Goldfish
“Right On Time” - O.A.R
“Fall Victim” (Demo Version) - Alkaline Trio
“Free Salute” - Little Barrie
“Soundtrack of my Life” - Less Than Jake