2 Unicycle Tours up for Adventurer Award in SA

HI All,

In South Africa OutThere Magazine have created an award called the OutThere Adventurer of the Year. They nominate a selection of adventurers who they feel are worthy of the award, this information is given to them by public suggestion.

This year among the selection there are 2 unicycle tours that are up for the award. They are:

  1. CounterBalance - The Freedom Revolution Unicycle Tour
    Alan Read and Johnny Cronje (Evolution of Balance Award 2010) MUni’ed across the interior of South Africa along a famous route called the Freedom Challenge. It was 2470km over 44 days on geared KH29’s. You can read about this incredible adventure on their blog (www.counterbalance.co.za).

  2. Christo Coetzer - One Wheel, One People, One Jamaica Tour
    Christo circumnavigated Jamaica, 1022km over 15 days on road on a KH36er. You can visit his website (http://christocoetzer.withtank.com/one-wheel-one-people-one-jamaica/) to find out more.

I am interested to see who you think will be the higher contender?

OutThere has also setup a Facebook poll if you feel like voting - https://www.facebook.com/questions/195589347190260/?ref=notif&notif_t=question_answer

I really look forward to hearing your comments.

Freedom trail for me!!! :smiley:

Freedom trail for me too!!!:smiley: Interesting stuff enjoyed reading these adventures!! Thank you!!:D:D When will the winner be announced as I can’t seem to get into face book???

Definitely the Freedom Revolution Uni Tour !!! :smiley:

Freedom tour most definitely.
You failed to mention that one was off road opposed to mostly tarmac in Jamaica.