2 unicycle for sale: KH 29ers

I’m selling my twin 29ers. The older on the right (now called OLD) and the newer on the left (NEW)!

OLD was bought slightly used 2 weeks ago used for my wife, but she never rode my present.
these are the specs:
KH 29" aluminium frame with small fork crown protruding parts for extra grip doing one-footed tricks
KH fusion saddle (handmade flattened)
KH rail adaptor
KH 27.2 post rail type
Koxx seatpost double clamp
Magura HS22 rim brake
ONZA/KH 36h aluminum hub, CroMoly splined axle
Onza/KH CroMoly cranks 150mm
Aluminium black pedals
KH XC rim 38mm
Kenda Karma 2.2 tire 120TPI folding bead it seems about 95% new (we ride it for less than 1 km, but don’t know the previous owner. It looks like almost slightly used)
Presta valve tube
Price for the OLD: 290€ + Shipping costs

NEW was bought in November 2017
KH 29" 2017 model
Impact Naomi saddle
Nimbus CroMoly 27.2 Seatpost
Impact seatpost double clamp
Handmade brake lever braket
Missing the hydraulic disc bake
Lifeline 180mm Disc rotor
KH Moment 36h ISIS hub
KH Dual spirit cranks 127/150mm
Aluminium black pedals
Lifeline 180mm Disc rotor
KH Freeride eyeletted rim 47mm
Maxxis Ardent 2.4 tire 99% new (ride it for about 50km)
Schrader valve
Price for NEW: 390€ + Shipping costs

I’m selling everything due to money need and wife happiness.
I won’t sell my huni-rex and my little children one.

Feel free to ask me anything or to tell me if the price isn’t right

PM me, or whatsapp me at: +39 3701330935

Items located in Italy

You can also view, try and pick up them in Italy: near Treviso or near Brescia as you want

changed prices!

The prices now are:

for the OLD: 250€ + Shipping

for the NEW: 370€ + Shipping

The OLD one cannot be bought here!

The OLD is now on ebay. Feel free to offer:

I won’t accept anymore offers here untill the auction’s deadline

Auction ending soon

The auction will end today and there isn’t any offer… it’s your chance to make a big deal

Would you happen to know anything about shipping into Ukraine? I’m traveling there this summer and don’t want to pay to bring my 36" along. I’m not sure what the best shipping company to use is.


On ebay still

It is still on sale: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/29-Kris-Holm-Unicycle/263673923394?hash=item3d6430c742:g:Gx4AAOSwwoZa6f58 I 'll accept 200€ + 50€ for shipping in Europe. If you use ebay, you’ll receive ebay’s buyer protection that the best insurance one could prefer!

50€ for shipping !