2 unicycle episodes of mine...

I used my unicycle in the Halloween Critical Mass ride in Philadelphia, but
couldn’t keep up with the slow moving petolon on my 24" uni. after to laps
around City Hall, they lost me, so I went out to dinner. As it turned out my
unicycle’s sloth saved me from potential danger, as there was a horrible
accident later in the ride.

On an other occasion, taking the bus from Philadelphia to my New Jersey home
with my unicycle in tow, I got off the bus at a Local Shopping Mall to ride the
rest of the way. I started riding when a security truck began honking at me. I
waved it around, thinking the driver was perhaps incompetent and didn’t know how
to handle an unusual traffic situation. It turned out that he ordered me to not
ride in the mall parking lot. I’d love to see the rule that specificly BANS
unicycles from The Cherry Hill Mall’s lot! I think he made it up.

i carried it inside the building for a shortcut instead. It was difficult to
refrain from riding inside:)

Marlon Solar