2 tricks to my list today!

What a great day! While performing for a kids’ christmas show, I learned how to one-foot idle! My best attempt today was roughly one minute. What a nice feeling. I tried to turn that into one foot riding, but only got one full roatation (a step in the right direction, though!)

Second trick came while performing for a juggling club (I figured I might be able to lure some of their members to my club. The trick? Jugglng! I got about 10 ‘juggles’ in. (3 balls)

I was able to do about 3 ‘juggles’ while riding my uni forward, but couldn’t work out juggling/idling.

What a nice day :smiley:

I’ll have one foot riding learned for the Windsor Xmas parade on the 7th


u know how jealous i am as i’m working toward one foot idling myself at the mo
and to get it at a show!?!

2moro i’m off to go unicycle during a solar eclipse
pics will follow


So, what do you learn first, one foot riding or one foot idling?

I learned idling first (but I sense riding is just around the corner)Tip: Get your heel on the crown, not your toe!

Way to go, Billy “Idle”. I’m told that transitioning from one foot idling to one foot riding is tougher than getting into the one foot ride from a running start. I can one foot idle but one foot riding escapes me for some reason. I wish I could figure it out.

I can see next on your list backward one foot riding. Once you successfully make the transition from one foot idling to one foot riding, try it backwards. The boys are working on the skill and it’s a neat thing to watch.



One-footing is a huge step up and I’m sure you’ll progress to other wicked tricks soon. Variations of one footing are the next thing to try. Can you one-foot with your other foot? Have you tried doing the Can-Can with your other foot whilst idleing? It looks really strange!

I’ve been trying to one foot idle for a bit now. Whenever I take my top foot off the pedal, the unicycle just stalls with the bottom pedal towards the ground.

Speaking of new tricks. I was watching one of the “new World Order” videos with Kris Holm in it. Kris uses a mount which I’ve never seen. He balances the muni with the wheel standing up, but the front of the seat on the ground. He then jumps onto the pedals, reaches down to grab the frame, and lifts the frame and seat up and rides away. He really makes it look easy, so I went out to try it. Lets just say that it’s harder than it looks. After some practice, I can do it by steadying the tire ith my left hand, lightly placing my right foot on the rear pedal, then stepping onto the other pedal and mounting it.

later potaters… Mojoe

>Whenever I take my top foot off the pedal, the unicycle just stalls with the bottom pedal towards the ground.

i haven’t quite cracked it yet
i have encountered this problem and managed to solve it by sitting more firmly on the seat, therefore putting less pressure on the pedal, diminishing the chances of it stalling in the down position
as i’ve been able to figure it, the footwork needs to be quite subtle to prevent the stall and to make the one foot idle work

hope it helps

What I noticed:

I had only ever tried toe on the crown one foot idling. This turned into the pedal on the bottom not going anywhere trick. Level Zero, I believe.

Once I landed with my heel on the crown (by accident) I noticed something completely different. This made my body lean back, the down pedal coming forward and up. The only retaliation? Push that sucker back down.

You end up swinging for and aft at the hips, and correcting it with your foot, I find.

One footing is a really cool skill to pick up. Me and all my friends all learned one-foot riding before the idling though. :thinking: i d’ont know which would be easier to learn first. The footbed really helps too! Well, i’ve myself have almost cracked one-foot backwards. I ca ngo about 3 or 4 rotations, but i haven’t really practised much at all. I’ll have it this thursday at the gym.


I learned a trick (or 2) the other day… Jump mount to one foot idle. or jump, roll-back onefoot, to one-foot riding.


Re: 2 tricks to my list today!

Sounds like a good day, indeed.

I can’t comment on the one-foot idling thing having only tried it a few times and in each case getting stuck in stall mode as referred to in other posts here.

As for the juggling and while riding, if you do clubs, give them a try. They are a bit easier as the handles provide more area for catching and, in a nice twist of fate, more impressive despite being easier. Clubs are generally easier than balls when done in any combination of balance and juggling.

Raphael Lasar
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once my 2 feet idling was solid (i.e. > 5 minutes) it sortof took me an afternoon to get into one foot idling. 1-foot riding came slowly over a half year period of time. I am 40. Once I started to put the other foot on the crown (instead of keeping it in midair), my one foot riding improved much quicker. I think you get much better control, when you have your other foot on the crown.
And yes, I can not yet do the transition from 1-foot-idle to 1-foot-ride.

I thought both my boy (7.5 years) and a girl (12 years) at our club to one foot ride within 2 hours. At the end of the session they were both able to one-foot ride straight through the gym. Neither of them can 1-foot idle yet though.
Next thing on my list is wheel walking. The toofeno is not my cup of tea as all of my very bad crashes have happened when I was going backwards.

I think, to learn skills quickly, you simply have to be younger than 12.


Amen to that.

Another 40+ year old with 12 year old offspring.

Re: 2 tricks to my list today!

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002 18:22:39 -0600, ExtremeUnicycler
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>I learned a trick (or 2) the other day… Jump mount to one foot idle.
>or jump, roll-back onefoot, to one-foot riding.

Wow! For both tricks that means that one foot never touches the pedal?
In a regular two-footed jump mount your feet take most of the load
when landing, but if only one foot takes the load the uni would easily
jerk sideways - or so I imagine. And if you let your bottom take it
all, make sure there’s nothing in the way… ouch!

Klaas Bil

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Re: 2 tricks to my list today!

One foot lands on the crown, and the other foot lands on the back pedal. you
make half a revolution backwards then pedal forwards… hopefully that makes


tips for one foot idling,

practice kicking off: take a foot off the pedal momentarily when there isn’t any presure on it.
(if you can juggle you might try chucking a club underneath your leg.
i know a guy that does this in his juggling act and he can’t one foot idle.)

avoid the dead spot at the bottom of the crank rotation by shifting your weight off the pedal and onto the seat. apply more pressure before you get there to make sure that the crank keeps moving.

if your idling is realy solid then you’ll be able to get a few rocks fairly quickly.
but it takes time to get it realy comfortable.

riding forward one footed is quite diferent.
because you can only apply force to the pedal in about a quater of its revolution. taking your weight off the pedal is most important.

if you have a flat top frame count yourself lucky,
if you don’t then dont worry it dosent realy make as much diference as you might think. since you tend to put you weight on the seat and use the foot on the frame more for forward and backwards pressure.