2 trials unicycles

Profile cranks and hub laced to an alex dx rim. luna tire. carbon fiber seat with a lefty carbon fiber handle. truly bomb proof unicycle. $400

torker dx 20in unicycle. the frame broke, but was professionally welded and made stronger than before. $150

the frame is a hand built 20 in freestyle frame. green and purple, and comes with a seatpost. $75

all prices are best offer.

pictures for the profile unicycle

pictures for the torker dx and the hand build frame

prefered method of contact would be phone or text
925 three three zero 8511

I seriously lucked out when I found an almost identical uni (profile hub/cranks, alexDX rim, luna tire) at a yardsale for $20 (no carbon though). For what it’s worth, it’s a great uni, I can vouch for that.

Would you be open to sell the carbon seat separately ? (it would be far easier to ship to Germany too :wink: )

price drop. 350 for the profile and 125 for the torkerdx

325 for the profiles or 100 for the torker DX.

Your craigslist ad is expired. People can no longer see the photos of the profile with carbon seat.

Also keep in mind you’re trying to sell a product that is much outdated, over 10 years old. You can get a brand new solid unicycle for 325$.

Good luck with your sale.

250 for the profiles