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This is my first post in these forums and im kinda a begginer at unicycles. I was learning to ride backwards before i fractured my wrist (Dam shoelaces got caught in th wheel :frowning: )

Ive got my unicycle for christmas and i’ve learnt the basics, like riding forward and mounting and all of that stuff. So now im trying to learn riding backwards and with the seat out infront. My two questions are:

  1. How the heck do u hold the seat when riding with the seat out infront? I can’t get it to work i can get a half pedal then i fall to one side because of the way the seat is getting pulled.

  2. Im not that confident at riding backwards i can get a few revoloutions if my 20 wheel but not much. I haven’t learnt to idle yet and all the guides and stuff say that you should learn to idle and work from there. So i am just curious wether or not its a must to learn to idle first?

Thx in advance and sorry about anybad grammer. :smiley:

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  1. hold the seat as close to your body in SIF as you can, it’s more stable that way, as you get better you can have the seat further away from you. i hold it with my hand on the side near the back.

  2. well i cant ride backwards, but i can WW, 1 ft idle, 1ft ride so yeah. Learning to ride backwards is like learning to ride forwards all over again. lean into it, pedal into it, weight on the seat, shoe laces tied up neatly :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck

Yep, for SIF you’ll start with holding the seat very close and right onto your body, holding it tight. Keep practicing and it will come easy, and soon be able to do SIF holding the seat far out in front of you, with a relaxed grip.

For backwards, idling will help, and vise versa. (going backwards helps with idling)

What I did, was to start by facing a wall, had on it, to hold me up. Push off with my hands and try to go backwards. I kept working at it, and now I can do drops backwards (really fun) and ride down stairs backwards.

I also would ride, pause, idle once, and continue forwards. Ride forwards, do one rotation backwards, then go forwards again. Keep doing this and increase how long you go backwards and youll learn that way too.

Combine all that, and youll have SIF backwards riding down quickly.

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Thx for your repplys and ill put those tips into practice when i get my cast off and im allowed to ride my unicycle :smiley:

where from in queensland might i ask.?

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Brisbane :smiley: lol

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