2 questions from a newb

I’m a newb, I don’t know anything about unicycles. I don’t even have one but I have two questions:

  1. Which is worse - MUni on the road or a touring/road uni off road (by off road I mean walking paths in the forest not rocky mountains)?
  2. Is unicycle a considerable mean of transport? Can it replace walking/bicycle?

Thank you.

1road tires on bike paths work fine.
2 Yes and no depending on size most unicycles replace walking unless you have a 12 or 16 inch. Your not going to be able to go bike speeds unless you get a big wheel or a GUni.

Narrow street tires will sink into soft ground, limiting where you would want to go offroad. Wide knobbies rumble a bit and wear a bit faster, but ride fine everywhere. They are pumped up soft and absorb bad pavement well.
Anything 24 and larger is faster-easier then walking. A 36 rules the road. 2-3 months after I learned to ride, I could ride 15 miles in an afternoon with little effort. So, at least here, where it isn’t to hilly, getting a 36 to commute 10 miles or so is very practical. It’s a lot easier to carry stuff on a bike, but a 36 is about 2/3’s as fast, for me, as a bike.

  1. It depends. In general, the MUni is safer on-road. Nothing will break, you’ll just get premature tire wear. If your touring uni is really light and spindly, you’ll be putting it at risk on dirt. Also the ride will be harsh and challenging.

  2. Yes. Against walking, the major downside is you have to store it somewhere when you get where you’re going, and they aren’t allowed in most places where bikes aren’t. Against bikes a unicycle is always going to be slower, but you can bring it on trains and busses where you often can’t bring a bike. Plus it’s much easier to fit in the car!

Thanks people for answering.

:smiley: Also welcome to the forums commodore. :smiley:

i also have a noob question and figured i’d ask it in here as opposed to making a whole new thread

what is q-factor

(i know this is a bit of a thread jack but hey…i don’t really care)

Welcome commodore.

I ride my Muni on the road all the time. It works just fine.

It is a reasonable form of transportation. It’s only a short ride to town for me, about a mile and I do that on my 24"Muni. It’s about 7 miles to work and I do that on either my 29" or my 36". None of them are as fast as my bike though.

Domdom2000; q-factor is the distance between your feet. If you have a narrow hub and very straight crank arms your feet are closer together and it is a low q-factor. If you have a wide hub and cranks that curve out your feet are further apart and you have a high q-factor. Lower q-factors make your pedalling more efficient. You have to balance this, however, with the strength of your wheel. Wider hub = stronger wheel. If you’re riding always on smooth pavement and don’t weigh too much, you’re OK with a narrower hub.

  1. A muni on the road can be very hard work, and not much fun. A road uni with the right tyre will be fine on mild XC, fireroads and bike paths - and lots of fun too

  2. Yes. I commute 16 miles a day in Central London via unicycle. It is quicker than the underground and the bus, as well as being cheaper, and it’s much more fun and healthier than riding a bike. For several months last year it even replace my car as a form of transport.


I have the greatest of admiration for anyone who commutes daily in London, whether they do it by bike, car, underground or unicycle. I also think they are all insane. :wink:


Ok, makes sense…thank you very much

Every now and again I have to use the underground, and you’re right, they are insane. I only unicycle to stop myself going crazy!