2 questions for a newbie...

Hi, this is my first official post for the forum. I’m looking about and it seems really friendly so I’m very happy with that.
Anywho, I’m really starting to get into unicycling (more so) and I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some choices I have to make.
First off, I need to know what the big difference is between mountain unicycling is vs trial unicycling. As the subject says, I’m a newbie. From what I can tell, trial is for, bouncing off stuff? I honestly have no idea. But anywho, the reason I’m asking is because I want to know what you guys think a good unicycle would be for street (the unis’ that you can do those fancy tricks on), mountain unicycling, and… I guess trials, whatever those are. I’m not really concerned about the price so if you guys have suggestions, this technical newbie would love to hear them.
Thanks in advance

welcome to the forums.
the main difference between trials and MUni is that with MUni(short for mountain unicycling just if u didnt know) is that you go down mountains and trails. you also have a larger wheel size than a trials uni.
trials is basically doing an obstical course on a uni. like hopping onto the top of a rock and gapping to another, riding on poles, stuff like that.
freestyle is the art of doing crazy tricks while ur on the groud. its similar to freestyle on a b*ke.
street is a combination of freestyle and trials. basically its freestyle with obstacles you can use to make ur tricks better.
heres links to different good unis in each catagory




and for street, u use a trials uni.

i hope this helps.:slight_smile: Good Luck And keep the rubber side down!


does that mean that the only difference between a Muni and a trial, is the tire size? I think I’m over simplifying this…
Because I have that Kh 20inch and I’ve been claiming it’s a Muni, but in reality, it’s a trial?

the kh 20 inch is a trials cycle. technically you can do muni on a 20 ", but it is a lot harder.

Goatman is basically right, but it’s not that hard to do MUni on a 20 inch. I do it all the time.

Here’s how you decide what kind to get: If you’re going to do both MUni and Trials, get a trials uni. Trials is a lot harder on a 24 inch, but MUni isn’t that hard on a 20 inch.

I’d say the exact opposite, actually.

24 inch wheel is perfect for me when i MUni. the problem for me w/ a 20" is the crank arm length. you cant get enough leverage to do really technical sections. mabe its just me…

That’s true, when you’re doing very slow technical sections, it can be kind of tough. But for most types of MUni, a 20-inch will work okay.

A 24" is better(in this case), I beleive, doing muni on a 20"(IMHO) is alot harder then doing trials on a 24". The fact is you have to pedal more with a 20" so your legs get tired faster and its harder to ride, and often awkward to do, however on a 24" you can still hop, do pedal grabs and all sorts of stuff, with not nearly as much difficulty respectively.

ya eric, kind of like at lloyds trail

Re: 2 questions for a newbie…

This says it all. Get one of each.

I with Harper here! And I also agree that a 24" Muni is the way to go. Keep your KH 20" for trials as that is what it is made for

If you have the uni bug like the majority of us on this forum, then you will be buying more unicyes anyway.

Contact Darren Bedford at Bedford Unicycles and he can set you up with a very good 24" muni which can easily be converted to a street uni. Get the Gazz tire for the muni and a spare 24" Hookworm for the street stuff.

doing muni on a 20" and being 6’2’’ really sucks…

plus if you want it to look cooler and go faster… get a 24"

you stack harder but what the hey… thats why you ride for… the need for the speed and the what not

unicycle brand comparison

Hey folks!

I’m another canadian in the market for a decent/good quality second unicycle, and have as well only just learned the difference between the types.
I’m looking for something general purpose (that I -will- use for everything from mountain to gymnasium, -but mainly street, gliding, etc.) that will stand up to a beeting.
I’m on the verge of getting a 24" freestylf from bedford for ~225can, and am looking for a good quality comparison. Daren claims (as I expected he would) that his unicycles are by and large of superior quality with superior components, at better prices… do you folks in the unicycle comunity agree? compared to say, torker? schwinn? cemicycle? myatta?
It looks like there’s a great deal on e-bay on a 24" torker for ~100can.

Thank’s in advance for your feedback! :slight_smile:


hey buddy, about the bedford, i just bought one from escape, its the same as the freestyle but different rim and wheel. It’s great, i’ve been doing drops and such (picknic table hight) and trials and such and its great. You can do freestyle, muni and trials so its basicly a medium for everythign, but mostly best for Muni. Oh Were in canada do you live?

hey ya i got the same one s vanished but instead i looked it up and ares are 24" cross contry for 265.00$


I’m in quebe, near sherooke, eastern townships. Where are you?

What do you mean you got it from escape? Does escape sell unicycles similar to bedfords?

If Daren’s uni can do all the things you say it can, that’s great!

Mike :slight_smile:

escape is the store in saskatoon that sells unicycles they buy them from bedford and sell them me and vanished both have 24" cross countrys 265$ not 24" freestyle/off road for 225$ so we have never tried the 24" freestyle/off road

so sorry for the confusion but i do say that the 24" cross country for 265$ is a good starters uni if you what to do a little MUni and maybe a bit of trails its deffinately a good uni for the price :smiley:

Yah the offroad 24" is recemended to only be taked off of 12 inch drops if you weigh 180. I’m 130 so everythings working good!