2 old street clips

The only clips Ive ever put on my computer. I dont even know why I’m posting them it’s real short… it’s a myspace video thing I dunno if it will work…



to short, but that bail look painfull

nice. I liked the bail… It looked vaguely familiar…have you done any riding lately?

first clip ive seen from you, brian, since defect!
great to see that your still riding

I liked the high hop at the begining.

Brian, you still active?

I really wanted to meet you when I was in San Francisco, but time limitations. I was upset.

-Shaun Johanneson


whhaaaat! brian theres a street weekend comin up in vancouver on the 19th-21st man. If you wanna come your more then invited. Good to see your back.

Hey guys thanks for checkin it out. As for me being active- well I slowed my riding way down to pretty much a stop over the course of last year. I really lost my drive, that certain flame that keeps you motivated. But luckily in the past two weeks the flame has been re-lit and I realized how much I missed unicycling. So I’m really excited about it again.

Justin-Thanks for the invite and it sounds like alot of fun and airfare isnt too bad at all. But I’m unavailable that weekend. Looking forward to seein the video.


Cool. But I think the link in your sig is dead… But nice to hear that youre riding again.

Haha, you ride fast.