2 new riders

Hi folks. It was this March while mountain biking the trails at Japanese Gulch in Mukilteo WA that I ran across a couple of guys muni riding. I could hardly believe they were successfully navigating the rooty, log strewn, technical trails and steep hills on one wheel. They really blew my preconceived notion of unicycles as toys, belonging only in parades. I followed them a little ways and was intrigued at their level of control and balance. Inspired to learn to unicycle, I went out and bought a 20 inch Torker the next week. In 5 days I was riding the silly thing down the street. I quickly found this forum and various other uni websites and learned I needed a comfy KH seat. I later bought a Sun 26 for longer rides and conquering the steep streets around the neighborhood. I also helped my 10 year old son to learn. Next up: muni.

Lo and behold, the other day I found http://gallery.unicyclist.com/japanesegulch and now know who is responsible for my newfound obsession. Thanks Unibrier, Abram, Greg and Sabin, wherever you are.

Nice avatar.

Welcome to the world of unicycling.

Party at your place, then?

Haha yeah, cool avatar.

Congrats on learning.

Welcome. Isn’t MUni one of the craziest things you ever saw? It’s great fun.

Are there mountains in Kansas? I guess hills will do. Any hills? :wink:


I learned to ride in Washington state and hated it when I had to move back to Kansas for my job. No hills around Wichita, very little public land for mtnb*king or muni, and it’s very hot and humid. When riding we use wind as a surrogate for hills - with the wind is downhill etc… pitiful. I’m taking my 26 to the Ozark mtns this weekend for some unicycling and uniwaterskiing.

BirdFrenzy, congrats to you :slight_smile:
I have been trying for about 8 days now and I am still in the stage of foot-stomping/gut-grabbing/tear-flowing laughing at me :slight_smile:
Not that I’m giving up at all…just a bit frustrated with myself.
I can only imagine being able to ride in 5 days. That, to me, is phenominal. I know others have done it quicker, but I guess somebody has to be at the end of the line/pack :slight_smile:

Re: 2 new riders

And me too! :smiley:

I met up with a bike rider there near an area where a trail was recently blocked off by no trespassing tape. Was that you? If that was you then you met me and Abram.

that looks like a sweet trail!!!
pretty intense
i’d love to bike or muni there!!!

that’s a BIG drop

Never Surrender

Yes, John, that was me. I was impressed by your riding skills. Hopefully, someday I’ll get to the point where MY riding will impress people instead of just seeming peculiar to them.

And to oldfatboy: Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.