2 new guiness records

Have’nt seen it here, but there is news from Boston:

Wow, that guy doesn’t muck around- he was only contemplating those records a few days ago!

Good stuff Zack!

True, I thought he said guiness book was going to take 4-6 weeks? That rocks though, well done Zack!

Congratulations Zach! A great way to generate publicity, and hopefully pick up lots of donations for, the Mini Circus. Interesting how the paper used speed as an indicator for the achievement, rather than the times I’m sure Guinness will require. I wonder what was the previous reference he was trying to break? I think we used to do a mile in 4:33 or 4:31 at the USA conventions (24" wheels) before we went to metric. 4:33 in 1982 by Mark Schaefer (from Redford). I think I managed 4:29 or 4:31 a few years later, but it might have been 1600 meters by then…

Running the Boston Marathon in under 3 hours, while juggling, is way more impressive than the unicycle time. I wonder how many drops he had.

Are the records for a mile from a standing start or a flying start?

Wow, that is fast! Way to go!!


Re: 2 new guiness records

On Fri, 1 Sep 2006 11:38:12 -0500, johnfoss wrote:

>I wonder what was the previous
>reference he was trying to break?

For the mile without juggling? In On One Wheel (winter 1994 issue) it
was stated that W.H. Barber in 1888 (!) set the1 mile record to: 3
minutes, 27 seconds. I am not aware of any more recent records. During
Unicon this summer, the fastest 4 consecutive rounds (rounds 32 u/i
35) of Patrick Schmids one hour record race were done in 3 minutes,
25.33 seconds (according to my own timing). That was 9.344 meters
short of a mile, though - but on the other hand Patrick had to keep up
for an hour.

Zach’s time is competitive and it seems to be the fastest mile on
record indeed, but it looks like it can be beaten by a few people.

John Childs, the record was done from a standing start.

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