2 New amazing Koxx-One Videos, Trials and Freestyle

There are 2 new videos on the Koxx one site, One is street and trials and the other is freestyle. They are both amazing so go watch them!


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: Wow! That’s just amazing! Apparently gravity does not apply to Julien Monney. I knew some of those coasting tricks (backward with the seat in front, for instance) were possible in theory, but I never expected to see someone actually do them. And the seat in front wheel walk backward! I can do that one a little bit, but only with the seat pressed tight against my body, not extended at arms length! I wonder how long it will be til he does seat dragging wheel walk?

Man. Good riding. But they were kinda stupid when they decided it would be cool to be towed by a car while coasting, the biffs looked hardcore. Total madness.

oh my god, that freesatyle thing was incredicle. stand up backward seat in front one footed coats. thats insane… the strret one is downloading now…


hmmm… if dan heaton and sabin arditty had a kid, it would look just like xavier collos

…look at the last facial shot in the street video of xavier!!!

julien has always been my hero!

-Mad Sci

i just watched the street thing, just as sick adn crazy awesome…


Dan is going to need to learn some French so he can go to France and film for his next video. :slight_smile:

Amazing videos. And I like seeing the freestyle video in there. There are very few freestyle videos posted here or elsewhere on the web.

There is a Road Trip video over at xaviercollos.com that is new since the last time I looked there. A lot of it is footage that is in the Koxx-One Road Trip video, but there’s some additional stuff in there as well.

I think they practiced some.

I’ve got only 1 gripe with either of the videos, and thats that there’s too much hopping in the street vid. I’d like to see a larger spread of tricks, it obvious they can grind & crank grab & footplant and ride skinnys & high ledges, I’d like to see more adventurous executions of those tricks in there as well just to keep the overall balance right. The majority of the impressive footage was gapping between walls or bollards, and the other tricks they did show were not the most impressively executed versions i’ve seen (apart from the feet on crown stair hop… :astonished: ). I’d liked to have seen a larger array of street tricks.

Apart from that, they both made me go woah! at least a dozen times, I’ve never seen riding like that since U2, and both of these vids are definitely keepers. I might burn some of the better compilations (these 2, the sweden vid & so on) onto DVD for safe keeping, and so I can watch them on my TV.


Friggin Yoggi man, that kid’s ridiculous. Sweet videos. Thanks for posting Kaycee.

WOW! Just watched the freestyle video.

I always new Julien was good but I didn’t think he could get much better till I just saw some of his new tricks. He must be back practicing a lot, like a couple hours everyday like he used to.

Wow…that was good. :astonished:

Now Im gonna hve to try backwards ww…and then I wont be able to do it…and it’ll take forever…grrr.

WOW again…

I just watched the street/trials ish one…StanupWW down stairs?!Whoa…

Its funny how the do stuff in pairs…

And they grind rails from static hop? :astonished:

“And they grind rails from static hop?”

The first rail grinds that were ever being done were from static hops.

Definitly an easier way for some people to get started on rails.

Oh…It seems it would be harder static hop…

The problem is . . . you get “no” gripes . . . even if you were to release videos with the tricks. :o I think they predicted gripes and answered with the chorus of the rap song in the background of the trials vid. :astonished: (STFU!)

If I was able to have a gripe it would be that the videos raised more questions than gave answers.
(How?! Why?! What?! and Where do they find that terrain?)

Me too. I didn’t type that first post, but someone who knows what he’s talking about did. It seems backwards to me but whatever.

wow…inSANE stuff there. those slams in the street video looked awful… 'specially the first one. oh man. 'twas clearly worth it though (:

Thanks for the link.

Great stuff