2 Month Trials Progress Report

Hey, I have been trialsin’ for about two months now. Im not exactly sure if it is this day or week, but I know I’m close. I can do a foot fairly easily now. I can drop to rollout. I think that my biggest drop was around 5 feet. My biggest hop was something I pulled recently. That’s because recently I learnt how to do SIF hops. Im over a foot. Infact, today i was hopping just under twice the height of my crank on my 20" trials. Yay!

Trials rock. But I want to try out some more serious MUni. After all, that is what my 24" Torker DX is for! Anyone Ottawa people want to do some MUni this summer?

So anyway, I am progressing nicely. Im doing a bit of everything and having fun in general. Yay! Unicycling!

I’ll drink to that… and you’ll… umm… have to go to Hull to drink to that :wink:

Seriously though - great job. You’ve got me beat for all those skills.

nice work…ive been acctually trialsn for about the same time and my best side hop is only a foot…i need to prctice more:(