Ми-2 helicopter & unicycle

I put my UNICON video-contest video online:

Wow! a LOT went into that!

Russian helicopter?

That’s incredible leo! It looks like it would be pretty hard to get riding after landing on the cement mixer, how difficult is it in practice?

The whole thing got started in 1999, after I received an anonymous entry in my guestbook telling my site was like muk, I wasn’t cool, but I would be when riding my unicycle on top of a cement mill.
So I appreciated the constructive and creative comments, and took things a bit bigger and a level higher.
I’m still curious who wrote me this.

The first ever quote request -in 1999- was the Sikorsky seen in the opening-shot of “Titanic”.
Costed €20K for 15 minutes, but -since they were fully booked with offshore- not keen on taking any risks.
This one was less costly. You can hire it for bungee jumps to.

Yes, very Russian, flying in Hungary, as biggest problem was the regulation; almost every country forbids hoisting a person outside SAR operations, and often require a cargo lift (in stead of hook).
Somebody told me to search in Russia. Then I saw Vincze Tünde doing trapeze under a helicopter in Budapest, and she pointed me to this Hungarian company.
It was a bit above budget, but it turned out no other company was able to truly realize it.
It was recorded the Sunday before UNICON, so I already started editing the footage from 10 GoPro’s before going on the plane home.

In fact it’s the most efficient fire-fighting aircraft, and besides hired by firebrigades, also hired by police; and so I was in very good hands by a lot of serious dedicated enthusiast professionals, to which I’m very grateful.
The helicopter was the most suitable, the pilot was the most experienced, they had the best equipment, and their offer included the military base with the bunkers we used to level the truck. So it couldn’t be any better.

Much more difficult than I’ve expected:
The diameter is only the width of the truck. On top feels like horizontal, but 1.2 M from that point is vertical (impossible to ride), in between it’s 45° (still too steep to ride). So basically there is no space to ride. When you do a running mount you’re already at a very difficult point to have control (or be able to make any correction).
During the first flight rotation speed was far too low. The 2nd time we adjusted speed while riding, which was pretty hard to.
This year I might do another attempt on a 16" unicycle. I already have the wheel. It would allow lower speed of both the unicycle and the truck, and require less space per revolution. But I think even for a top trail unicyclist this is a very tricky one.

Hi Leo,

Looks like a very expensive exercise but thanks for your dedication and for sharing (also giving me a sneak preview).

10 GoPros… :astonished:

Woah, I never paid so much attention to the comments I got on my site. Maybe that’s because I never had a comments section? :stuck_out_tongue:

In California, this is our idea of an efficient fire-fighting aircraft. I think we have bigger fires. :astonished:

Such an odd thing to do! Riding on a cement mixer, yes! like a super-difficult outside version of a hamster wheel. But why a helicopter? How about a crane? Or even (possibly) cheaper, building a simple set of rigging to spot you while you figure out the riding up there?

Having the helicopter makes one think of riding on top of really ridiculous things, like the very tops of tall churches, remote mountains, antennas or other odd places…

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I was wondering the same thing with regards to the helicopter. It’s not like heli skiing, where it is needed for transport. It seems that even the basic run-of-the-mill foam pit could provide the safety aspect.

Hanging from the bottom of a helicopter does look pretty fun though.

But can it load without daylight?

All less exciting. I even could have take simply an overpass that has a rail or light-poles.

Yes, but without the risk of dying for the clicks and likes.
Unlike -AFAIK- this unicyclist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFUcxnvAeMc
I guess he’s a couple of levels higher than me, with a low-budget, but that a bit too close to the edge (literally and figuratively) to my taste.

Most people question why a unicycle in stead of a bicycle. I think it’s the same question. I thought a heli would be more fun/craziness in one event.

It certainly was a fun experience …and I never even flew in a helicopter before.
Maybe later this year I will learn to control one myself.

Whilst riding a unicycle? Now that I have to see :wink:

Yes. It uses a special fire-retardant material, so I assume it is only loaded at the airport. Other firefighting aircraft can pick up water without landing, but I think very few of those are fixed-wing aircraft.

Understood. :slight_smile:

That’s funny! It’s definitely not as interesting on the inside…