2 Hatchets?

I see there is now a 29" Hatchet available. I think it is the same frame with a Surly Rabbit Hole rim and Dirt Wizard tire.

yea, they did the same thing with the Oregon. It’s just a different config. Came out a little later. The normal nimbus frame wont fit a 29+ I don’t think, so this is your only unicycle.com brand option for that. (correct me if I’m wrong on this oracle owners, I’ve got the steel nimbus frame and pretty sure it wouldn’t hold a 29+) It may look a bit silly with all that extra space, but the 3" tires really are fantastic to ride. : )

The new ones do fit the 29+


ahh, that’s awesome. I may snag a new frame and tire at some point then. : )

Thanks Roger!