2 Days Ago I.... (Brag Thread 3)

so when unicycling if you do something cool them come home to discover that you sister or brother or mother or father is on the computer. oh no you say, i cannot brag in the today i thread, what ever shall i do??? but then you remember there is a yesterday i thread. so it’s all good.
then the next day that your sister has woken up extra early to chat to her bf. uh oh, she will be on all day i hear you say. but oh well at least we have this thread. so you’ve learn’t for all your mistakes and gotten up really early to tell us all about it in the 2 days ago i thread!!!.

either that happened or you just forgot for 2 days.
have fun.

i landed a 2 foot drop (i know isn’t alot) but i’m kinda new to that stuf it was exciting

everyone cut this shit out.

did you do it two days ago?

and unidxdude. lighten up.

Good thread idea. i just hate when those jerks post what they did two days ago and pass it off as yesterday’s news!!!

this shit is f****** stupid.(excuse my french.)

Fully support you, this forum has way to little punishment, stuff like this should get you a 5 day ban because this is ridiculous. Just post it in the “today i” thread and get on with it, no need to waste our or your time with this, we don’t care how bored you are.


This stuff belongs in JC people

Two days ago I commuted to work with a detour route home, probably about 20 miles on ye olde UDC brand coker. On the detour I picked up the fixins for a brake and put it on while drinking beer and watching our shows that night.

if its going to be ANYWHERE put it in JC. i hate shit like this.

What’s it matter what section it’s in…either way it’s on the forums. Are you angry because it is wasting room for other threads? I don’t see WHY you would get mad about a useless thread, what is the bad in it?

its just a stupid thread. pisses me off. sorry…wait no im not.

Why does a useless thread piss you off? Theres not reason for it to. Besides being pointless…but why would it being pointless piss you off? It isn’t hurting anyone/thing

Every time I scroll down looking at the threads, I have to see a waste of space taken up by this crap.

Seriously Mars, explain WHY you honestly made this thread.

Settle down, Beavis.

You will be sorry!

maybe not now.
Or maybe not even later.
But soon, you will be sorry.

I few days ago i unicycled on my bed and dirtied the sheets.

thats english stupid.

nice work man!

hey, as i’ve been told countless times, this is a family friendly forum. please don’t ruin it with your filth.

exactly it’s just a bit of fun.

dry your eyes princess.
it’s just a bit of harmless fun, plus i love hearing what people did two days ago.

hahaha, wow that sounds like a lot of fun. i don’t think mummy would appreciate me doing that.

Well 2 days ago, i went to karaoke with a met up with a few of my mates there which became fun…

I sang…
1) Jet - Are you gonna be my girl.
2) Rage against the machine - Killing in the name.

two excellent songs for 1 excellent person, does this mean you swore in killing in the name?

Hell yeah, it wouldn’t be me if i didn’t. Even my good Italian friend sang with me cause i have a lot of respect for him. :stuck_out_tongue: