2 Colorado bicyclist medal in Athens

It doesnt suprise me that prime time tv coverage of the olympics last night had 3 1/2 hours of swimming and gymnastics and 5 minutes on the biggest day ever in American cycling, Tyler Hamilton from Boulder got the gold in the mens ITT, Bob Julich from Glenwood Springs, (40 miles from me) got the bronze in the mens ITT, and the american women got the silver in the womens ITT. What a HUGE accomplishment for the american cyclists!!

pfft, bikes.

Leontien van Moorsel won her 4th golden medal (by beating an American).
I use to ride on the track with her husband.

I think saterday she will ride her last Olympic race…
(unless she will do other track events).

Yo, Dede Barry, also training in Boulder, won the silver in the women’s TT.

Go Colorado cyclists !!! They did an awesome job. I’ll never understand why cycling doesn’t get better media coverage in this country. Cycle racing is a great and exciting sport (especially once you start to get an understanding of the strategy). It was like the Tour de France this year. Only OLN gave it thorough coverage. Otherwise there might have been a total of an hour of coverage for the entire race on the major networks. :roll_eyes:

I think she’s doing the 3000m individual pursuit, but my moneys on Sarah Ulmer (NZL) :stuck_out_tongue:

Tony Melton used to go MTBking with Kashi Leuchs. Hope he does well too.


Re: 2 Colorado bicyclist medal in Athens

thats right, go colorado. you know were better

My dad thinks unicycle pursuit would be a good race to watch.