2 clips, my new tricks

hey guys, my two latest flip tricks. enjoy, not the best quality though:P

I altso wonder how many who can double backflip, i know Mike can, Alex thoms can, and a sweedish rider called Klas.

Very nice trey:) Good job;)

wow that double was almost static, nice one.



That’s off the chaaaiin! Ha, but enough gangsta speak, that was really good, veeey nice!


I watched that Treyflip in slowmotion (by scrolling my mouse)…it was perfect. I’m jealous, Nice job!

oh, thanks;) it was my first treyflip

wow I can’t believe that was your first trey flip, it was so clean! Looks like the doubleback needs a bit more zip to land with flat pedals but well done.

yeah, the double back isnt that good, but it is a pretty hard trick, i had a lot of tries before i got it.

My first was soooo sketchy it’s funny hahaha. I will post a link when I can be arsed.