2 birds, one stone

ok so instead of making two threads… Ill make one, for two things

  1. I just did a sweet paint job on my qu-ax, white and gold! I’ll post pics when I get everything dry and back together.

  2. I also wanted to know which uni my dad should get. he wants to learn, and hes 48. Im super pumped that he wants to learn. he wont be doing trials or anything, so I was thinking an LX. The main thing i wanted to ask is if he should get a 24" or 26". Which is better for a 5’11" guy to learn on?

P.S. Muniaddict, you could probably help a lot on subject 2 if you read this!!


I vote for a 24. Great all around size.

I think your dad would benefit from starting out on a 20".

I learned at age 46, tried to teach myself on a 26". After a month I still could not ride more than a few revolutions, and freemounting was an impossible dream. At that point I decided to try learning on a 20" LX and that was what I needed, with the LX my progress was much faster.

I’m 5’10", 200 pounds btw, and my LX has been plenty strong enough. It helps that the LX is inexpensive, your dad can easily move up to a 24 or a coker if he really enjoys riding.

24 should be the uni to learn on. it seems like MOST people learn much faster on a 24" uni

i learned on a 24" and it was perfect.

24" lx/ ax is the way to go.

I don’t have too much experience with any size other than a 24 but it only took me two days to learn on mine without any previous contact with any unicycle.

You must be a fast learner then, my friend. :smiley:

Thanks. Altough I was pretty wobbly at that point, I was going up and down my small town within the week. Learning to jump mount on day two really helped me to get restarted and keep going.
How long does it usually take for one to learn?

I depends on their perseverance and/or centre of gravity.

It took me a week to learn. But i was determine to learn tricks and stuff afterwards though. :smiley:

BTW how long you been unicycling for CoreTechs if you don’t mind me asking???

Since August 18th this year. But within that time I’ve either had my uni in the shop or broken waiting to go to the shop. I think the one I got was a lemon of sorts because parts of it kept getting loose, stripped or snapping and I haven’t taken it off drops higher than 2 feet.

Bah. I can’t edit my post with my Nintendo DS. I would just like to add that since then I am between lvl 3 and 4. Just got the hang of one-footing it last week… Right before I snapped my axle right where it joined to the crank. :frowning:

ok thanks for all the replys. I think Ill get him set up on a 24", but I’m not sure which one yet.

Do you need help selecting one my friend??? :smiley:

my dad is 47 and he just bought a 26 lx to learn on. if it doesnt work out i have 2 24s that he can use.

oneisenough, please consider one thing or two things.
As a general rule, the older one is, the longer and harder it is to learn.
A lot of the replies are from young guys that learned young.
Personally, I would stick with the 20". I first bought a 24", but after a month and while talking about it with my wife, I bought a 20". It made all the difference in the world. I started learning at 52 yrs old. My son learned at 28 yrs old and after one month, he can do things that I still have a hard time doing.
Age makes a difference!

Wishing I had learned years ago :slight_smile:

The old guys vote for the 20".

And I’ll repeat my own experience: I tried to learn on the 26, with slow frustrating progress, and then found quick satisfying progress on the 20".

Individual results may vary, and much depends on genetic athletic potentials plus previous experience with similar activities.

Let us know how it all works out, and maybe get your dad to post his progress!

nah, same amount of time it took me to learn.

About 5-6 hours each of those two days though…

no… i was just checking how much he wanted to spend and if he was gunna get a muni. he decided to get a torker lx 24". and he bought it yesterday so anyone who posed today, thanks but it was too late. if he really has a tough time with the 24" he can use my 20" lx w/ his longer seatpost, but i think he’ll be alright. Thanks to all!!