2 amazing photos of Reino's uni skill


Andy Peterson sent me the above link to a few photos of the amazing Reino
riding his ultimate wheel on a slack rope using his hands. Ok, many of us
have heard of this or seen the Swedish stamp, but these photos are pretty
sharp. It looks like he’s riding a real tire, not just a rim. Is that
possible? That would ratchet the difficulty level up quite a bit!

Thanks for posting that. I’d seen the stamp but not those photos.


Re: 2 amazing photos of Reino’s uni skill

It does look like there’s a tire on there. One thought is maybe he has a tire, but it’s deflated enough that it actually wraps around the wire…that might actually decrease the difficulty compared to just a rim, versus make it harder. Although in looking at that stunt, I don’t think “God is in the details”. I think God was on the wire…

Re: 2 amazing photos of Reino’s uni skill

It’s probably a very deep section rim with no tire. It may even have been a custom rim. A very deep rim would be less likely to ride off the wire and would be more stable on the wire.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the wire passes through a hole in the dummy tyre: the wheel doesn’t rotate, it slides. his wife’s feet are nailed to the ceiling, her hair heavily lacquered, and the camera was upside down. Surely :astonished:

Here is a quote from a previous thread on this subject from Klas (not Klaas) of Sweden on 10-Mar-2003:

And here is a link to the thread on google, which I hope works.

Those are incredible shots.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


how the hell does he doe that!

Re: woah


Re: 2 amazing photos of Reino’s uni skill

Yea, but can he idle on this? :slight_smile:

Re: 2 amazing photos of Reino’s uni skill

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This link was posted earlier in here. I have at that time added that
same link and some of Klas’ info to the page on my site where the
stamp is. This time I have saved the photos too (not by a rightclick

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Can he bunny hop on that wire? I think not, I bet I could in about 20 years… :roll_eyes: :smiley: