2.6" slick

Well, I’ve just worn the knobbies off my tire far too quickly as I ride alot of cement. Other than the fireball :frowning: are there any fat slick tires? My Bedford can take a 2.6

If there aren’t many slicks that big, what’s the best knobby for pavement? (an oxymoron, I’m aware)

you could call uni.com.I heard that they were tring to get someone to manufacture a run of “Fireball like” tires.

please dont every one call and ask.they are very busy latly,but an update on this would be nice.I wonder what all the Dyno Kruzier owners are doing about this?(the other side of the coin)

It’s not just the Dyno owners that are getting hit by the tire scalpers. The classic Schwinn cruiser tires for the restored Schwinn bikes are over $50 each now that Schwinn went bankrupt.


Also look into Maxxis Hookworms. Here’s a pic.

They only have them in 24" at this time.



wow! these look like pretty good tires, just by the fact that there is such thing as a 24" wide slick

you have to go under cross country hookworm to find it btw, not BMX

unicycle.com guys, are you going to get your hands on these things?

Groovy- 2.5x24 slick. Kinda round profile, still…

$36.99, sign me up!


Re: 2.6" slick

Me too.
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> Groovy- 2.5x24 slick. Kinda round profile, still…
> $36.99, sign me up!
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The other thing that might work is an IRC lovers soul. I think they are a decent sized 26 x 2.25 with a pretty slick pattern. or the irc El gato is a 26" trials tire, probably wouldnt last long though…

I was looking around go-ride.com and found some news about new DH, freeride, and urban bike equipment introduced at Interbike.

Check out the news from Arrow Tires from go-ride.com:
Arrow Tires
Von Williams takes this opportunity to inform you that Arrow is making a 24" ramp/urban tire. He wants some. You want some.

I wonder what those new 24" tires will be like? Anyone go to Interbike and see these tires? I checked out Arrowracing.com and didn’t see any news about new tires.

I like where it says :
New spine protector for being Bender.

Specialized have some new 24" tires for 2003. I think Maxxis and Intense do too. Hard to find info though.

Jagur’s request: 24x2.5 Hookworm slick

Da’ link (order now and avoid the X-mas rush).

I thought you decided this was just too much wheel for ya, Jag? :wink:



Where the hell is that 24" x 2.5 Hookworm you are linking to?! I mean obviously I see the link, but I couldnt figure out how to get to that page without your link. I looked both under Bicycle in the BMX and Free Ride sections, and I looked in their Store, and I could only find charts listing 20" tires for the Hookworm.

What navigation path did you take from their home page?

Nevermind. I didnt see the hookworm under cross country and now I do. Duh. I just saw it in the other sections.


that tire does’nt look very wide to be listed at 2.5

I think it’s in the XC tires