2.5 hr ride and only good vibes

Yesterday I decided to take out my uni for a ride through the park and back with frequent stops on benches, rocks, and anything else that looked like it would have been fun to jump arround on. The thing that got me was that when people saw me doing these things they didnt comment on my lack of one wheel, but rather simply said “that’s impressive”. I must have gotten this comment 10 times yesterday, kinda funny how most of the time it was 5 min after i land a gap between 2 benches or something else that was really hard and was doing something simple like going up a kerb. But all in all people walking by seemed to respect what I was doing. Strange aint it?

I know that there are a few other people on Carnegie Mellons Campus that commute on unicycles, but no one else does trials stuff. (at least that I am aware of) So perhaps this helped my cause.