2:32 of failed unispin attempts, TeamJWJ

Jacob now can unispin, just his pregression I think it ticked him off real bad for the fact that he almost had it like 1000000 times.Well… here goes,

Linkage, http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=j7pcmdRGZ4o

WAY to long for just a unispin…i couldn’t finish it…why didnt you just put 2-3 failed attemps and then 2-3 landing it…this was just way to many time of pretty minor falls.

i do know its a big stepping stone…but a shorter vid would have been easier to watch

you were warned ,2:32 of failed unispin attempts.

pretty much what i tell everyone else who trys to learn a new trick…grow a pair!!

its all about commtiment, youre really close though man. Jump a little higher so when your “pair” grows they wont get caught on anything :wink:

now I can almost do it!:smiley:

and the guy in the video …it’s me…

Move your legs more out than up and it might be easier. good Luck on landing them.