2.125, or 2.5 for Street

I’m currently ridding on a 2.125" x 20" tyre, and i’m looking to possibly “upgrade” to a 2.5" x 19" trials tyre. But I mostly ride street, and I hear some, not alot, of street riders say they prefer the thiner tire. Personaly I could only see benifit from a thicker tire because it would give you more friction when you hop-twist, you could have a lower pressure for higher hops, and your wheel wouldn’t fold over as often. But still i somtimes hear the montra of a regular 20" tire being more fitted for street. I’m I entirly mistaken? and will the wider tire be worth my money?

I’m just starting to grind ledges, ect. and am getting ready to learn rails, I can do 180 hop-twist but not 360, and i’m a level five rider going by the national unicycle thing. And I currently ride a Torker DX which i’m beating the shit out of, Need a new seat post and one of my impossible to find bearings is shot :frowning: (just incase anyone wanted to know my position)

I have used both 20x2.1 and 20x2.5 for street and i prefer 20x2.1, because it’s better for quick turns making alot of consecutive spins easier, it’s lighter, and my hop height has not suffered at all by switching to the thinner tire. The downside of the thiner tire is drops are a little harder.

Street is a combination of freestyle and trials, and it depends how much of each you incorporate into your riding. the wider tire is useful for big hops, and big drops. if you do big drops, you need the bigger wheel for strength. if you do big hops, you need the wider tire for bounce.

if you have profiles on a triple wall bmx rim it’s going to be just as strong if not stronger as a wheel with profiles on a double wall alex dx 32 rim, and i don’t think that the wider tire helps with rolling hops since i can rolling hop higher on my 20x2.1 than i could with a 20x2.5, the wider tire will make drops easier