2/12/08 - Mini Vid - Sam Dessen

I made my first solo video today and i’m pretty happy with it.
Sorry for the bad quality and i’m stuck with windows movie maker for now.
I’ve been riding for about 10 months and today i landed my first 360 unispins.
Tell me what you think
Cheers :wink:


Nice work my friend, it’s like i could watch that again…Yep i just did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up and don’t stop the filming. :smiley:

yeah cool vid. :sunglasses:

the 360° unispin looks really nice but the 180° is soo sketchy.:smiley:

i wish i would live in australia in winter -.-
nice vid

Your riding is really awesome for only 10 months!! :astonished:
like the 3spin and your reeeealy nice gliding:D

Thanks everyone. I forgot to add-
Music is “Naive” by “The Kooks”

Wow, your really good. Your transition from riding to gliding is insanely smooth. Great Job!

haha kooks great band!

That was a good video! Keep up the good riding!

Nice vid, congrats on the 360!

You have really smooth looking gliding as well.

Thanks everyone.
Ever since I could wheel walk a few pushes i’ve been transferring from riding. I didn’t learn 1 foot or gliding any other way than starting from riding.

Nice dude.

Step overs are pretty hard too.



the 360 unispin was awesome!!

jeah and the clips infront of the trees was really nice:D

that was surprisingly entertaining. good job for 10 months

nice work on the gliding. it took me like a billion years to learn that. :slight_smile:

i wish this too. i hate rain and snow since i started street and flat unicycling :o

really nice video:) 360 unispin after 10 month of riding…not bad :wink: