1st stupid question

a popular way of getting kids started learning to ride bikes is to push them along with a broom handle or big stick. now you can actually buy metal bars which clamp to the seatpost and serve the same purpose for several times the cost of a broomstick. anyway i got one but never had to use it. today it occured to me that i could use it on my daughters uni just to give her the feeling of riding without holding on to anything. but would this be helpful or just hold her back from figuring it out by herself.
i would use it myself but she’ll never be able to push me along…she’s only 6.

To get her used to the pedalling motion/seat position maybe, but to get her into riding solo I’d say don’t. Forwards/backwards balance is the key to riding a uni and I think attaching a bar to the uni and holding onto it would get rid of any feeling of that!

For my boys, I put the pedals level and the rear-most pedal on a block of wood. It gives them a chance to balance before they lean forward and ‘ride’ away. It worked for one (@ age 6), the other one (@ age 8) needs more time in the saddle but is still hoping to wake up one day knowing how to ride.