1st Street & Trials video! -Unisykolist

Dude stay away from the drops, atleast untill you find some form.

Start small and work up to it, thats just stupid.

Haha, Shaun, I appologize for misdirecting you. Next time I make a post involving the Dragon Ball Series, I will be sure to make it have accurate info, so you can reply accordingly, lol.

Nice Toque! I dig the pom-poms.

Your 180 unispin jump mount doesn’t look that good, you spun and then jumped. Make sure you jump and spin the uni at that same time… Or else that means I got a 900 unispin mount today…

Apply a lot of force to your front (kicking) foot. When you hop, the cranks should flip… This is when you lean back a little, and plant your foot on the ground, and hop on to the uni before it hits the ground. Dont stop the cranks with the ground.

Not stupid you mean, it was some entertainment in the video and i got some good feedback on how to hop.

Good work, you’re inproving fast. But, lololol at that drop! Hahaha that reminds me of when I started riding, I could drop 90cm before I could freemount, but I never bailed like that! lol! I think everyone has already given you enough tips on drops already so I won’t bother.

nah it was a good thing.

MY MUMS GONE MAD. In the past 2 days my mum has told heeps of her frends when ever she had had the chance so now ive got heeps more views of my website and video. She even showed my best friends half 20 year old sister and she sent a link on “facebook” to literally 100 other friends!