1st Nimbus 36er crash

i did that the other day but i didnt fall cause i felt the pull on my laces…i did that about 3 times in 5 minutes one day when i was about 10 though…i was on my bike and fell in gravel and got scrapped up and cried…some guy helped me up though…it was funny…i did the other day and had to stop in the middle of the street and undo my laces and tie them back up…as for now i get my pants caught all the time and have ripped one pair at the legs…they dont get caught anymore because of that…

Wow. I got a unicycle only 2 weeks ago and was really shocked that I could still ride (It’s been 25 years since I’ve ridden.)

I’ve read a lot on in these forums about shoelaces so I’ve made it a point to double and triple and quadruple knot my laces. Funny thing is as a kid this info never ever entered the picture. I was probably riding all along with dangling laces totally oblivious (as kids are) about the danger.

Yesterday I was out riding about and suddenly realized that I hadn’t checked my laces before starting out. I couldn’t ride another yard without stopping to check and tuck them in.

I think now when I put on my sneakers I’ll quadruple knot them… even if I am not planning to ride. Better safe than landing on your face. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear your accident wasn’t more serious. (and that the uni is ok too :slight_smile: )

I do this to my laces and it keeps them comfortably out of the way while looking awesome.

Unless you make it twice… #1 was going down a hill on a 24" and #2 was on a 6ft girafe (my worst fall ever, ouch)

wow a whole website dedicated to tying shoelaces. I’ve bookmarked it for loads of hours of fun.

When I wake up, I’m lacing my shoes Bushwalk/Cycle lacing.

You post in RSU in your sleep?!? woooah!

God bless the internet.

D’oh, Cathy. Glad you’re not hurt.

My worst shoelaces incident was at the head of a procession of about 200 Morris dancers in front of a crowd of about 4,000 at Thaxted Ring Meeting a few years ago.

Take care.:slight_smile:

Yep. I have a special nano-pc inserted into my brain.

Also, when I went to sleep, I remembered I don’t tie my shoe laces. I just tighten them, and tuck them in beside my ankles.

Yar… I don’t have to tie my shoes like this. Comfortable fit, one time tie.

I forgot to mention in the original post that although the unicycle and I are essentially OK, the shoes didn’t make it. The laces got ripped out of their holes and I can no longer do the shoes up well enough to keep them on my feet. Oh well, they were due to be thrown away anyway. :roll_eyes:

Ow… the shoes died… that must have been some wreck!

Re: 1st Nimbus 36er crash

My favorite shoelace incident was when my shoelaces got caught on my five
foot unicycle.
I was performing at a church, surrounded by kids. As I’m falling to the
concrete, I tried not to swear.
It hurt pretty good.

> cathwood wrote:
>> wow a whole website dedicated to tying shoelaces. I’ve bookmarked it for
>> loads of hours of fun.
> When I wake up, I’m lacing my shoes Bushwalk/Cycle lacing.
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I was waiting and waiting to see who you called. Now I know. You called the shoestore!

Here’s a relic from the good ol’ days of the forums… Klaas Bil’s famous shoe. He mentions it at the very bottom of this thread and has a web page about it.