1st New Video (since Elbow Accident)

First I want to say thank you for all your kind wishes and support!

I couldn’t wait to get back out there today BEFORE the rain starts again! Some friends think I’m CRAZY riding again since my fall only a couple days ago. But I say, hey, life’s too short and I feel ready to go for it, with elbow pads on of course!

An old friend of mine (not a uni rider) wanted to be in this vid, so we did a little opening bit; it was fun and so I hope you don’t mind. (We used to “perform” together on stage many years ago.) There is also a quick few seconds of another hobby of mine that I threw in, to mix things up a bit.

This vid was to kinda prove to myself that I could get right back out there, and it also gave me the chance to throw in a few bars of Supertramp; one of my favs! The riding, as usual is pretty tame, but at the end of the vid is my most recent WW, filmed only about 30 minutes BEFORE the accident! (Too bad I didn’t get that on tape!) In this one I went TWICE as far as in the last video, so I’m improving, but I vow to keep trying. :smiley:


Im downloading now!!!

another awesome video. Stick with that wheel walk. It will be frustrating at first, but you’ll get it. You need to get your weight back more. Not necessarily lean back, but get your butt back more so the weight is more evenly dispersed between that and your feet.

Here are some things you might want to try.

Seat Drop- hop sif (standing on the cranks), make sure you toe is in the way as you drop the seat so you can kick it back up
Seat Bounce-kind of like what you did, but throw the seat down hard, so that it bounces back up (you can throw it hard enough to catch the seat or by the frame)
Leg around- this one is a little trickier. its basically a side mount, but instead of mounting, you hop sif on the cranks, and swing your leg around the seat back to the crank

All of these tricks can be seen here: (the tricks in order are: 180 unispin, seat drop, seat bounce, leg around, leg around opposite direction, hop on tire

Hope this helps.

don’t forget trying to jump off that really tall roof there, and helmets are OPTIONAL!

that was awesome

What you said about “keeping your butt back” instead of “leaning back” makes sense to me; it seems that in the event of another backwards fall I might end up on my butt rather than my back, which I prefer because there’s more “padding” there! So then I will try to keep upright from the waist up, while keeping my lower half tilted a bit back and balanced more over the hub. I’ll try it!:smiley:

Just DL’d your video! You are great! I wish I was HALF that good. That gives me even more motivation to keep at it. Everybody on this forum is so good; I hope some of that rubs off on me!:slight_smile:

Yet another great vid man you can realy see your progress.

Im getting on great with wheel walking can get about 30 feet now before dismounting now im working on getting back to the pedals.

try to take longer steps on the wheel by that i mean bring your toe the whole way back until its right against the frame and keep it on the wheel for as long a stride as possible this will stop your feet from hitting off each other.
its not a case of leaning back its more like sticking your but out as far as you can keep your chest over the hub and the frame behind the wheel…I hope this makes sense.

Hopefully you wont have any more nasty falls

link isnt working for me…

Sorry about that… I deleted it so I could replace it with a MUCH,MUCH smaller size file. The deleted one was 22 mb and the same video now is only FIVE mb! I found a way to compress it and it still seems decent quality. I also edited it a bit and tightened it up (no more “non-uni” stuff) and changed the music. I will post it as soon as it uploads.:smiley:

Hey man ur way better than me, I’m learning to wheelwalk to and so far ive gotten 3 metres but like the otha guy told u i was leaning back rather than pushing my butt back! mayb we will improve quicker. I still cant unispin tho so yeh, i cant seat drop either
keep it wheel

Sorry to hear about your accident, hope your as fast a healer as you are a wheeler!

Shortened? No non-uni stuff? Changed the music? Still no video? What is this, some sort of April 1 joke?

I’m just looking forward to the video, good luck Terry. (Your keeping the Supertramp right? :slight_smile: )

OK, my bad. I found the new thread with shortened vid.

Your still making it look way too easy. Nice riding.

And the music was fine.

Whoops! The subject line for the edited, smaller size video originally named “1st New Video (since Elbow Accident)”, is now renamed: “Old guy video (edit-only 5mb)” Basically the same as the other one but 4X Smaller in file size and much faster to DL. :slight_smile: