1st MUNI event concerns!!!

I’m going to the East Coast Muni weekend on Friday. Where this is my first get together with any other unicyclist, I have a few questions that the veterans may be able to help me with.

  1. Because there aren’t a lot of different brands of Muni unicycles out there, I’m sure that there are going to be some identical looking unicycles. Besides putting streamers, cards in the spokes or a basket on my Muni, how can I personalize mine so that it doesn’t get confused with it’s identical cousins?

  2. When I show up with the family in the minivan, what can I expect to see? Will there be a line of riders taking turns jumping onto and off of picnic tables, then riding along fence posts, before bouncing up and down on the edge of a 2000 ft. cliff?

  3. If I bring a tricycle and a small childrens b*** along for my kids to ride, need I be concerned that they may be sacrificed at a burning stake in the name of INUM?

Thanks ahead of time for any input in these important matters!

Re: 1st MUNI event concerns!!!

Surprisingly, there aren’t that many identical unicycles at a MUni event. Make sure you know what yours looks like. Any identifying marks of wear & tear? You can always stick an address label on there if you’re really worried. Or just a piece of colored tape.

I don’t think the east coast has cliffs high enough. Otherwise, yes. You will be called a poser if you don’t join in immediately. :smiley:

In reality, what you see will depend on the meeting area. Usually the most interesting riding requires walking a little ways from the minivan to see it.

INUM? We don’t do this on the west coast. Hopefully the east-coasters will follow our lead. Raise your hand if you never rode a bike before riding unicycles. Uh huh. You guys are either lying or really strange people.

Nathan Hoover rode a bike at his first MUni Weekend. He had just learned to ride and was not quite ready for Northstar. And Dan Heaton rode a bike at this last CA MUni Weekend. His feet were too messed up to unicycle on all those rocks. And I rode a bike at Northstar two weeks before that, as my knee was hurting from too much downhill the previous day. I ended up walking the bike a lot, which hurt my knee anyway, and otherwise did not enjoy it.

Have fun at the first East Coast MUni Weekend! Sorry I can’t be there, though I’ll end up at the New York Unicycle Club this Sunday!

Wow John, I might only bring my bike! You make it sound almost essential :slight_smile:

My MUni is the one with the semi-slick gazz :frowning:

Mine’s the Nimbus with the Harry Potter sticker and me riding it :smiley:

Nice to know I won’t be the only Uni Event virgin there :wink:

I think my main concern is…

What do 30 sets of armour smell like?


Smells like VICTORY to me!

Re: 1st MUNI event concerns!!!

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You know your Muni because you have marked it with your scent.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Not to mention the people who wear them.

stickers help identify a uni. also, i hope noone would actually take someone elses cycle wilingly. us unicyclists are way better than that. if i hear of it happenening or see it happening, there will be some fist-i-cuffs and/or rollings-on. this is not my first MUni get together, but all are a little different. this one will be new to me because of location and riding terrain.

like my 661s.

so imagine my pads in addition to 30 other sets!

at our unihoki meets (and our weekly club meets) refreshments are sold on a strict ‘Trust Box’ basis
the prices are there and the cash box is there
take what u want and pay your money
it’s really nice to be in an environment where u can do that kind of thing

Re: Re: 1st MUNI event concerns!!!

The Shawangunks, a popular climbing area in NY, has areas that are over 1000 ft and there are taller places around.
Humph, you people from the west think we don’t have any thing tall just because we don’t have 10,000+ft mountains. I’m sure if we tried we could find a 2000 foot cliff around here somewhere for you to ride on the edge of. :smiley: :astonished:

Don’t know about 30, but a room that 7 muniers have slept in smells pretty rank, I think the room full of 10 orienteerers may have been worse tho. And that was with Shoes left out side, the orienteers felt the need to leave socks on every radiaors too, nice.

Re: 1st MUNI event concerns!!!

You could put a codpiece on it, that would make it unique.:smiley: Seriously, you can identify it by how it’s setup, brake/no brake, pedals, seat and positioning of same. Besides tassels would get caught in the pedals.:smiley:

Absolutely, and I’ll be urging you to do everything they do so I can learn how not to do it. Would a modest 300 ft cliff be tall enough, or even just a 100? And I’m told these guys don’t ride on the fence posts (to easy) they ride on the wire (still not much challange, but more fun) There may be lines for some of the stuff, but it sounds like there will be lots of things to do.

Don’t worry, the greek god of unicycles, FURECUS, will be there and He’ll protect you from the evil INUM and his ilk. :astonished: :smiley:

Mountain of FIRE!!!

Mt Washington, in New Hampshire may only reach a paltry 6,289.35 feet, but it still holds the world record for the surface wind speed record: 231 miles per hour. Booh-ya! Now, has anyone ever unicycled up or down it? Hmm… TO GOOGLE!!!

Re: Mountain of FIRE!!!

There’s a bke race up the auto road at least once a year, but even they are not permitted to go down it. :astonished: :angry: And, since thats the only time they permit bkes on the auto road, I doubt that anybodys uni’ed it.:frowning:

Mountain of FIRE!!!

Actually I googled it, and on a forum for the Bike race up the hill someone asked who the guy on the uni was… I guess no one knows though…


Re: 1st MUNI event concerns!!!

A strip of colored tape around the seat post works great. Pick your favorite color

Having experienced my first MUni weekend a couple of weeks ago let me say don’t be intimidated by the people jumping on top of picnic tables or riding on skinny walls. Unicyclists are very understanding and offer much encouragement to those of us who have not been doing this very long and/or lack the nerve to try riding over a waterfall. I personally did more walking than riding down the steep, rocky, washed out trail on the side of the mountain.

I found the FURECUS group to be a great bunch to tag along with. Your kids will be fine with their, uh … bicycles. (okay, so I wrote bicycle…anybody got a problem with that?)

Have a great time. I have found unicyclists to be good people.

Re: Re: 1st MUNI event concerns!!!

Thank you everyone for your hints and suggestions.

I was able to come up with a special character valve cap that FURECUS group will either get a chuckle from or will surely sacrifice me in the name of INUM.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible this weekend to pick up some riding techniques and to be mesmerized by the talent.

I’ve also convinced my children that they have nothing to worry about regarding their present choice of riding toys.

See you there.

Re: Re: Re: 1st MUNI event concerns!!!

They needn’t worry, so long as they acknowledge INUM as their lord.

Indeed. Looking forward to meeting everyone I am.