1st In the World

Who’s ranked first in the world for freestyle unicycling?

Male: Ryan Woessner (TCUC, USA)
Female: Maya Sugo (Japan)
Pairs: Amy Shields & Ryan Woessner (USA)
Group: Companion (Japan), choreographed by Emiko Kimura (Toyoda)

Those are the world champions. See the whole results here:

wow, ive never heard of any of them.
youd think with a title like that theyd be pretty well known

They are all very well known, except the group Companion, which I think was assembled from various riders going to Unicon XIII. You’ve got to get out of the newsgroup and into the real world from time to time; only a tiny percentage of unicyclists post here.

To me it makes sense that they’re really that well known. The most active of unicyclist are younger teens what not. To me (and the people around here) we don’t care to much about the freestyle world, there are soooo many people that do it (All of Japan, haha, and a lot of clubs around the USA) we’re interested in what’s be thrown down in street and trials and muni. Though it’s newer than freestyle and less developed I’d rather watch something like that than freestyle. I think it’s the tiny cranks, or just the ugly looking skinny unicycle.

-Shaun Johanneson

P.S. I still repect all that do it. I enjoy watching Kaori a lot I find more interest in street and trials viewing.

i do get into the real world, but this is pretty much my only source of uni news. if i dont hear it here (or elsewhere on the web) i dont hear it at all. i rarely hear anything about freestylists, so i really wouldnt know these people, however good and well known they are.

i thought ryan woessner was from norway?
in the uni magazine it says: i loved watching my norway riding buddy Ryan woessner practicing new moves with his freestyle partner Amy Shields

on unicycle.tv you can watch the Amy and Ryan riding to gold at Unicon 13

Ryan is from Mounds View, Minnesota. The Uni author was speaking of Ryan having taken part in a ride in Norway.

He rode in Norway: http://www.unitours.org/tours/NUT/

Now he’s attending college at Stanford, in the San Francisco Bay area. We’ll see if we can turn him into a MUni and Coker nut…