1st EMU Winter Warmer Hockey Tournament, Derby, UK. 20th Jaunary 2007

According to the BBC website, Sunday will be light showers. It does look like the current bad stuff will have passed by Sunday, although it’ll be fairly cold by then.

At least we’ll have Flaming Puck Hockey to warm us up :slight_smile:


Hi Cath, the only reason that it would have been called off would have been ice or snow as it makes it impossible to mount and is rather dangerous - there is no chance of any of that so it’ll be going ahead - it may be a tad damp :slight_smile: but we’ll be brave about that - water wings will be supplied if required - Hope to see you there



Just remind me if there was any shelter for us to huddle under by the pitch/court. I’d hate to think of people stood in the rain for 5 hours - Me included. It’s been a couple of years since I was last there, so I don’t quite remember the set up.

Hopefully it won’t rain anyway :roll_eyes:

See you there.


You’re not going soft on us are you? - these are surely not the thought of the UNI magazine mountain man pin up :smiley:

We’ll have a couple of Gazebo’s to provide shelter and where we’ll have the hot food and drink ready and waiting, additionally the pitch is right next to the car parks o we could retire to the cars in a worst case scenario - theres no real “indoors” other than the changing rooms . HOwever if it deteriorates to a state “beyond the pale” then we can retire for an intermission to the pub until it abates - rest assured it won’t be as bad as the weatehr you had on Ben Nevis


I’m not worried about the rain, I’m worried about the wind. It’s so windy here today you can barely stand up in it, never mind get on a unicycle. If I threw a ball out of my front door now, it would be blown miles away before anyone could get near it with a hockey stick.

The wind shouldn’t be too bad as the pitch has got boarded surrounds so it is fairly sheltered. I’ve checked the weather for tomorrow and it reckons a nice light 15mph tomrrow afternoon so I reckon we’ll be ok


Funny boy :stuck_out_tongue:

Good one

Even better

It just got even better!

See you there,

The latest forecast is significantly better (link above). I’m not sure why Derby has 13mph less wind than Nottingham, I thought they were near each other?

The long drive is getting more tempting :slight_smile:

How long will/would it take you?

Because thats where you’ll be playing your hockey tomorrow :slight_smile: - the forecast is looking quite nice now (relatively speaking) - See you all there


ok. I’m coming, in the belief that it’s not as stormy there as it is here. Roland (or anyone who knows where you are) if you read this before 1pm, could you pm me with your mobile number in case i get lost? ta.

I’ve PM’d you my mobile number Cath, the weather in Derby is currently Sunny but draughty so it’s looking good for later - if any one needs any contact details then PM me and I’ll send it to you - don’t really want to post here in the open See you all later


It’s 45 miles further than you (each way) @150miles but should take 15 minutes less, according to RAC. However this route would take me straight through the M3, M25 & M1 roadworks :astonished:

The route I’m going to take is even longer, but misses out all these roadworks :smiley:

See you all later


I had a great evening. Thanks guys.

I’m beginning to think I’m actually playing hockey now (although not very well yet), and not just riding around a pitch with a hockey stick.

I think the name Winter Warmer was a bit of a misnomer some of the time. Still, great food (mmm, mushy peas) and great hockey. Great fun. Worth the drive.

Just one little thing - I left before the end. I was wondering, did anybody win, or don’t we worry about little things like that. (I know, everyone’s a winner and I happily munched my Edible Medal on the way home).

PS, nice to put a face to a monkey, so to speak. :smiley:

Glad you had a good time Cath, it was great to see so many people out playing hockey on a cold wet winters evening hopefuully everyone has pleasnat memories and I believe that Gary still has a large amount of Mushy peas left so he’s not going to forget in a hurry. As to the winners, I sure that there were some, however towards the end I managed to misplace the pens so couldn’t record the scores, so it was meadibles all round and everyone was happy. For the summer tournament we will work on ensuring glorious sunshine :slight_smile:


And vice verca. Was nice to put a name to an RSU legend!

Thanks again to Roland and everyone else that did their bit in the organisation and running of this. I had a great time, even though I ducked out a bit early because of the cold.


A big thanks also to all the EMU’s for staging the winter ‘warmer’. The chilli certainly went a long way in making up for the ‘slightly’ miserable weather! Thanks Sarah for the yummy food.

It was really nice to see so many unicyclists braving the weather. If anything, I thought the wet pitch made it easier to play on, apart from when the uni slid from beneath you in the pond forming in the corner! :roll_eyes:

I had a great time. :smiley:


I had a great time at the winter warmer. saw old friends and made some new ones.

I enjoyed watching most of the crashes, I enjoyed being in a few of them. Wet pitch always makes it more interesting.

See you all for the summer tournament.