1st Day

Today I borrowed a Torker 24’’ from a friend, brand new. I rode on it for about 3 hours and can now go about 6 ft. Is that pretty good for 3 hours of learning?


Yes, IMHO.

Took me that long to be able to get on and pedal slightly and immediately fall forward.

Re: 1st Day

Your friend is braver than you , hehe.

I’d never lend a new cycle to a newbie … :smiley:

I think it’s about average. Keep on practicing!

sounds about right. unicycling is a very fair sport in that you get out of it exactly what you put into it. if you practice another 10 hours, i can personally guarantee that you will be able to go 500 feet without stopping. if you practice another 10 hours after that on going backwards, i can guarantee you will be able to go backwards for a reasonable distance. this is part of the reason why i like unicycling.

tell us when u get past the magic 15 foot barrier. you’ll get further and further and further up until 15 or 20 feet when suddenly you’ll have a breakthrough and go 50 or 60!!

keep us updated