1st day unicycling abroad.

ok so i’m treviso in italy and go here yest.

put uni together and the seat post clamp breaks tightening it. brass thread was warped and not drilled properly, so now it’s got a fashionable nut and bolt path :smiley:

temps in 30+ degrees cent and it;s sun sun sun.

doing venice all day today, and then going to croatia tomorrow, where i should be getting some well needed practice in.

hydration bag in this weather has be a god send.


Nice one.

Looks like you have made like David Beckham and ‘gone native’ with a continental-footballer-style hairband:)

Have a good day in Venice!

thx yeah i do look nice in it :wink:

erm heres my seat bolt faulty part, b4 i leave.

IMHO Best Value Restaurant in Venice:

Ristaurante San Trovaso. Cross the Accademia Bridge heading south. Bear left. 2nd right then 1st left. (I hope that’ll get you close)

I think its associated (owned/operated) by S. Maria del Rosario dei gesuiti.

Order the Muscles and Clams. (Vongole?)


Do you know what “Where’s your other wheel” is in Italian yet?


Haha, I laughed so hard when someone said that to me in Germany, in German, that I nearly fell off my unicycle.

Cheers for coming down to Chester t’other day Zippy, was much appreciated.