1st 100kms on Nimbus Nightrider Pro

At long last the snow is subsiding here. The sidewalks are mostly showings thru the slushy snow. Front & back yards still under 2.5ft of snow. Road side plowed snowbanks are below 4.5ft.

I’ve logged 100km’s on my N36. For a guy who really loves his 29", I must say the N36 really is starting to shine !!!

It really is faster than my 29, it roll significantly easier (thanks to Nightrider Pro tire), it feel more stable when turning and doing s-turns thru a row of pilons. Rolls really well over everything except slushy snow. In slushy snow it just sinks and causes you to UPD. For snow I’ll stick with the 29".

For hill climbing I can’t believe the 36" does such a great job on moderate hills. My average speed actually increases (slightly) going up hill. My pedaling rythmn seems to be more controlled and fluid going uphill then on flat or downhill.

I have 125’s on both my 29" and 36". I tried the 102 but will stick with the 125’s on both.

So far after 100km no problems to report with the N36, I can free mount ok, feel comfortable and confident riding. I’ve added a mud flap which really helps keep the mud, slushy water spray off my back.

Thanks for the news,
I just bought a 36", have not received it yet can’t wait.
The snow is finally melted here but we are suppose to get a little tonite.

Ride on

Lots of snow

As of Apr 4, see video for snow still on ground here in Fredericton NB.
Many driveways have snow is still taller than cars and vans.