1ft ww technique

I practicing 1ft ww, but I don’t know if I am doing it right.

I’m using a wall to start. At first I didn’t get anywhere because I was lifting my foot off the tire on the back stroke, which would lead quickly to falling backward.

I gave up on using the wall until I got some good advice that I should always keep my foot on the tire. This allowed me to use the wall and try to get to where I could relax my foot back to the top of the tire after a push. So I had a push, glide, push, glide rhythm going.

After I could go about 5 feet or so like this, I noticed that I could go farther, say 15 feet, with a little bit of coasting on the back stroke.

This seems to violate the advice I was given, and coasting isn’t mentioned in the rules for the Skill Levels, so I’m wondering if I should still always keep my foot on the tire, or if coasting works, if that is okay.

Also, is there an optimal stroke length, in terms of fraction of a wheel revolution?

I’m guessing that I should eventually be able to vary speed, stroke length, glide/coast at will?

Well if you are literally not lifting your foot off at all, then you’re gliding. However, (assuming you can two foot WW) use very small, quick strokes with your foot and try to keep a constant speed as you launch away from the wall: it’s best to learn not holding onto anything. This doesn’t mean go fast, just keep your weight back, your center of gravity in the middle, and practice, practice, practice.