1ft ww and Gliding .

HELP!!! im really keen to glide . i can ww and im learning to 1ft ww. i can go very slowley with my left foot along a rail but i cant get the drag back and im unconsistant . any tips ? . :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

im learnin to 1 ft ww too, and i can now go about 3 revs. i think it is much easier to learn away from a wall, just because that is how i learned. when i had trouble with the drag back (i did too), i was pushing down on the tire way too hard. when i pulled it back more softly, it was much easier. this might be your problem.

yea thanks i can get about 5m off the wall now .

i can wheel walk ok to and can do around three revs but i cant glide at all need help too

BUMP ive now got 1ft ww really good, trying gliding now, will have it by the end of the week :smiley:

have you been practicing on a downhill? that helps a lot.

You might lern before coasting. That helped me a lot.



Just try a lot. :wink:

lol thanks for the vid- seen it on u tube already :smiley: really good!
yeah ive been trying on my driveway heaps, but its bumpy as and not steep at all. nearly flat :stuck_out_tongue:

i need to find a good hill thats not busy with traffic.
and i lean to far back on a steep as hill tho.
ill record me gliding down the drive, nd hopefully i can get some tips :smiley:
thanks every one!

here we go!
after 4 ever of loading and uploading. its done! heres the vid. please leave tips and help!
i WILL try and find a good hill, but theres nothing round here. so will keep looking.


Nice Boffy.

Still got your rollos?

I might start trying more tricks now thinking

Good work guys :slight_smile:

I’m working really hard on this in my free time and so far I’m slowly getting better by going from a standard wheelwalk to 1 foot for about 3 pushes and back to standard. I presume this is the quickest method in teaching myself.

thats good!!
take a steeper hill and try it again and again!! :wink:

dude you’ve pretty much got it down. just a lil more practice and itll be consistent.

Sweeeet! thanks! ill go find a good hill soon :smiley:

BUMP got gliding like a pro xD officially destoyed my old shoes, will film it again later. look out for my new vid!

I just started trying this a little today, down a fairly steep hill, and pretty much every attempt I end up falling forwards. When I try fixing that I put practically no pressure and end up falling backwards and shooting my uni all the way down the hill. I know it’s just practice and I’ll keep working on it, this is just like a progress update I guess. :slight_smile:

haha i had that problem for a while, is your 1ft ww really good? when its nice and consistant with gud drags then it will come easy down hills. you want me to make a tutorial?

My 1ft is alright, I’ll work on that a bit today and before I try gliding. A tutorial would be cool. :slight_smile:

get your 1 foot 100% consistent…and be able to turn a bit as well.

then i guarantee if you spend a couple hours on a hill you can start to get the hang of gliding.

i’d wear sixsixone 4x4 arm guards too…i’ve taken some of my worst tailbone & elbow hits glidin