1ft wheel walk stationary foot issue

I’m having a little trouble with how to place my stationary foot during 1ft ww

If I place the ball of my foot on the frame, I cannot exert enough pressure on the tire to even keep it still while I get on.

If I place my foot so that the frame is more in the indentation of my shoe, near the center of my foot, then I don’t have much space left on the tire to use my other foot.

Maybe I should have it at a diagonal so that my shoe is on both the neck and the crown? Or maybe a little grip-tape on the uni to help keep my foot in place?

Has anyone else had this issue?

I am on a unistar lx 20 if that helps.

Thanks in advance

yeah griptape would help.

you have a round crown right? it’s much harder to one foot wheelwalk/glide with a round crown.

It’s strange, it’s like an arced shape. Not cylindrical but yes, rounded.

Also I wear newbalances, and the pair I have has hard plastic pieces on the middle section where it indents, which makes it have less traction on the frame.

Maybe a little griptape and a different pair of shoes might help me?

The process that I use to get into 1fww:

  1. 1 ft idle, right foot.
  2. shift left foot to tire (push foot, was on frame)
  3. Place right foot on frame
  4. Push with left foot
  5. Repeat #4.

Was that clear? Does it help?

That does help me with another thing I had been having trouble with, but my question was more geared towards how people place their foot on the frame in relation to positioning.

Ball of the foot. Why are you trying to get on that way? Start from regular riding, or something more interesting. Like gliding.

Gliding is the real goal, I was just using wheel walk as a transition. You think I should just start with gliding?

you can try, but keep learning 1 ft wheelwalk. as you learn 1foot wheelwalk you’ll start to learn gliding. every once and while, while 1 ft wheelwalking, youll accidentally glide for like half a second, and youll start to understand it.

Best way to learn gliding is to start with 1-foot wheel walk. Get into that from 2-foot wheel walk. Add a little downhill slope to make the gliding easier at first.

Cool, thank you everyone for your help. I really appreciate it.

I’m a little confused, are you trying to put pressure on the wheel from your stationary foot?

I usually just put my left foot on the frame, not touching the wheel at all, and push with my right. I push down pretty hard on the frame with my left foot to keep me stable. I still have a slight issue of my left foot slipping off when I get into the actual trick.

I’m still learning the trick myself.

anyway, if you can wheel walk, try transitioning to and from one foot wheel walk and regular wheel walk, seems to be working for me. Helps me feel the balance point a bit easier

…then don’t place it, like I do:
So to answer your question, no I didn’t had the problem.
From the begining I’ve learned it in an ackward way.
But by now I could do it better (if I want to, but I dont).
I probably did it this way to be able to get off backward quicker/safer.

Hmm an interesting alternative. And you’re really good at it. Thanks for sharing!

Just when I’m getting on really, but yes, I had thought that the stationary foot was also used for regulating tire speed. But from the responses in this thread I can tell it isn’t needed. Thanks for the tip, the extra pressure from my stationary foot seems to be helping a bit.

I stopped and though about it for a moment, and realized that if I put more of my weight into my foot on the frame, that it lowers my balance point, so I put even more weight on it and it helped tremendously. I can go about 5-10 feet with the assistance of a car, now I just need to work on transitioning to it from normal riding.

I think it’s enough for today though, I can feel myself getting fatigued, and that’s usually when I hurt myself, so all in all a good day for unicycling. Thank you everyone that has helped me so far, I’ll hopefully make a video in not too long when I really get it down.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! you’re going to get me killed @__@

I’ve made a lot of progress


lol, dude, you gotta catch your seat : P that’s unicycle abuse!

haha oh no, I just thought it would be fun to put all those together, I must have been doing this for 2 hours straight, I did it TONS of times, and thats all of the ones that went flying, I caught it most of the time. But it’s better to let it go flying than to fall and try to grab but injure yourself in the process.

I think everytime that I have hurt myself it is because I tried to grab the uni.