1995 USA National Unicycle Convention Summary

The National Unicycle Convention held in Bowling Green Ohio was a great success
and I think all that attended had a great time. The hosts, the Wood One
Wheelers, and meet directors Steve Cernkovich and Barry Piersol did a great job.

The following is from memory so is probably mostly right. I would encourage
others to write additional summaries.

Racing: In the womens events, Amy Edwards, Abby Cernkovich, and Dana Schnieder
battled for first in various races. They each took some. If I remember
correctly, Amy was overall champ. Dana broke several world records.

In the mens events John Foss and Andy Cotter duelled with showings by andy
Schwarz, Ed MOffet, and Adam Potvin.

In all, over 70 NUC age group records were broken in spite of bad conditions;
hot, humid, and gusty headwinds.

In my age group (40 +), I was unable to beat my rival James Green in spite of
training and losing 15 pounds. I broke several of Jame’s records, but he broke
them also. Ken Fuchs is now 40 and he established new records in almost all
events. New competitors Dirk Iwema and Dick Devine had respectable shownings
and are bound to be serious contenders next year.

Standard Artistic: This event is starting to mature with over 70 riders

Andy Schwarz, 15, smoked all competitors performing nearly perfectly and
achieving a score of 260. His skill list include coasting and gliding. He did
not have to leave the outer box to gain enough speed to sucessfully execute
these skills.

Dana Schneider won the womens with close competition from the two older Norris
girls (Sorry I can’t keep their names straight).

James Green provided John Foss and I a good laugh when after asking about my
potential score stated that his was up there over 200 also:>) If you don’t
understand the humor in this, you need to study the Standard Artistic rule
book. Unfortunately Jame’s actual score was not up there over 200.

Freestyle: Constance Cotter regained her Expert Freestyle title. Dana Schnieder
came in second. Dana performed some very difficult giraffe skills including a
mount into a side saddle ride (I think that’s what it’s called). Unfortunately
she fell on her initial try pretty much giving up first.

Bill Karbo was hot all weekend and easily clinched first. He did things that
don’t have names and performed almost flawlessly.

Constance and Bill wons pairs with a flawless and extremily difficult routine
that featured one handed hand wheel walk, standup pull glide, and lots of
interesting poses like leg extended touching each other and other leg crossed.
Andy Cotter and Dana Schnieder also performed a flawless and difficult and
well as a very well choregraphed routine. They could have won if Connie and
Bill had falter in the slightest.

Since I had no real competition in my age group (2 level 1 riders) I decided
to go Expert. My crowd pleasing imitation of Forrest Gump earned fifth. Prior
to the event my friends and family were starting to call me grump, as the self
induced tension did not have a positive effect on me.

Club Competition The Twin City Unicycle Club (Of which I am a member) took first
with a routine that featured German flying twirl eggbeaters, temple of doom
(weird name for one rider standing up on frame and spun by two riders holding
their hands while 4 other riders go under their arms. We had all 27 riders doing
wheel walk twirls with some going backwards. We also did kid pickups on giraffes
(where 2 giraffe riders pick up a small person by each arm and twirl)

Parade: WOW won again with their beautiful giraffes and sharp costumes.

Group: Five+ (WOW) won featuring pull glides and precision manuevers.

Missing: The Puerto Ricans. It wasn’t quite the same without them. Hope you can
make it next year. I didn’t see anyone sideways wheel walk at the meet. The
Puerto Ricans are masters and can do it with one foot on the seat!

Public Show: Brett Bernard did a super job in organizing perhaps the best
public show ever. Karbo was emcee performing one of his 1000 numbered skills
between each act. The audience would call out a number and Bill would perform
the associated skill. Bill, how do you remember which skill goes with that
many numbers?

I had a great time, met many new friends, renewed old friendships, and am
looking forward to next year in Iowa, Bill Gilbertson