1980's Schwinn 20" -What's it worth?

This uni looks like it’s in great shape, barely ridden. It has the 36 spoke wheel with the blue Araya Aluminum rim. Does this take a standard tire, or a Schwinn S-5? The seller wants $50 for it.

I am looking for a freestyle uni to ride inside, and for my wife to learn on. Eventually this will be my son’s uni when he get bigger. I am looking at getting a UDC Club Freestyle, but this would come in far cheaper if it’s any good.

That’s about right for a craiglist Schwinn.
Go for it. They are good little trainers!

Does anyone know if this uses standard tires? I don’t want something that takes a funky Schwinn tire.

Perhaps John Foss could help you out with this question or UDC.

I found an archive post that said it is a normal size, so I think I might pick it up.