1968 Schwinn 6' Giraffe Unicycle

I seen on detroit craigslist a “Rare HTF Schwinn 6’ Giraffe Unicycle. Mint! Very Clean!! Vintage 1968.” Come and pick up for $3000.00 cash.

I’m not trying to bust this guys balls, but 3000.00? is something special about this? I seen these sell around 100.00 or less most of the time. granted its a 68 and that was the first or second year produced I think, and its super clean, but seems like maybe 300.00 would be the price instead of 3000.00. I have been suprised before maybe its worth 3000.00 or even more, whats your thoughts?


Hmmm…a new way to make money in a recession.

Schwinn introduced the Giraffes in 1977. My 1979/1980 model (the first unicycle I owned) is older than that one. I can tell by the sticker. The older stickers had a giraffe on them. But this toy store, the one with the backwards R in their name, pointed out that it looked a lot like their mascot, Geoffery Giraffe. So Schwinn desisted and went to a more boring sticker. That giraffe (assuming it’s the original sticker) is probably from the last year or two they were made. Production stopped in 1983.

The key detail separating the new giraffes from old is a screw-on (track style) vs. bolt-on (later models) bottom sprocket. Mine came with the bolt-on kind, which must have started in 1979. They’re safer, as they can’t unscrew.

With or without the bolt-on sprocket, that unicycle appears to be in excellent condition and is worth every penny of $300. They were excellent machines with beautiful frames.

Oh. Wait a minute. Three THOUSAND dollars? Okay, the guy’s on drugs. Make offer. For that price you can have a decent used car.