19" x 2.5" tubes

where can i get a 19" x 2.5" tube at. the only place I have found one is on maxxis.com for $10. i haven’t tries to look on google yet but I am going to. I don’t really want to spend $10 on a tube so if anyone knows of anywhere to get one tell me please.

I have always used a 20 - 2.125 tube, and it has always worked.

Can you give me the link to the 19" tube?

i can’t find it rigt now but when I do I will post it

Most people use a trials 20x2.125 tubes. I have Cheng Shin tubes:


  • Tough 20” high quality butyl inner tube.
  • 1.6mm wall thickness helps reduce pinch flats.
  • Much more suited to filling a 19 x 2.5" rear tyre than ‘standard’ 20" tubes, since the tube is thicker.
  • Schraeder valve (car type fat valve) only.
  • 220g.
(Tarty Bikes UK)
4 UK Pounds. (Mine were NZ$9 i think, about US$5)


Thats the same tube I have.

I use either a Continental trials tire:


Or a simple moped tire. Officially, it’s measurements are like 16" x 2.75", but with a bit (really, just a bit, moped measurements are done differently, so it’s closer to 18" x 2.75") of stretching, it fits perfectly. Those won’t cost you more then maybe 4 euro’s or so, and they’re REALLY strong.

20x3" tubes available here for 6$CAD

p.s. Darren is the man

Why dont you just patch if you can’t find a cheap enough tube?

I don’t wanna sound cheap but, £4 is quite a bit for an inner tube! I pay £1.99 down Wilko’s!

Rock on!

Arn’t those just regular 20x2.125 tubes? I hate riding on super-inflated regular tubes, they seem to roll all around my tire, and they bust quite easily. It’s either trial tires, or moped tires for me. (Moped is easier, because I can get 'm down the street for 5 euros)

You could try a moped inner tube from a local Motorbike shop.

Leo White

Oops - didn’t read the post above - I blew a couple of BMX tubes before I got a moped tube.