19" tubes!

yea, just found that trialsin.com has 19" mod tirals specific tubes!

hopefully this will diminish the nimbus of “what kind of tube do I use on my trials uni threads…”


This is funny. Everyone is just now finding out about Trialsin.com.

He has been here before selling stuff, but now it seems he is finally catching everyones attention. =p

I saw him selling the rims, but I didn’t even go to his website:o

and more importaintly, the “nimbus” of pinchflats and torn valve stems:)

definantly. I’ve popped like 5 tubes in the last 2 months.


How much do they cost?

They are $7.50 for a tube, then $6 dollars for shipping, at least to my area code.

For two the shipping is $7.

I think I know why…

im running about 16 psi…