19" Try All rim vs 19" KH Fusion rim

Hey all i’m getting a new rim soon and am having trouble deciding between the Try all and the KH. So far the things pulling me towards the Try all are its a bit lighter, wider and look’s better. But its nearly double the price of the KH here i’m getting it from… The KH seems like it would be good because it is designed with unicyclists in mind so thats making a difficult choice for me… :thinking:

I tried skimming through a search but couldnt find anything relevant… If anyone has a link to a thread that’d be good but if not, any info you have could you please tell me…


kh’s are stronger i belive…and easier to get for you

First of all i’st not called a KH Fusion rim its just a KH rim.
I think the Kh is a bit stronger because its eyeletted, it dosen’t have any holes and i think it’s made from 7005 series aluminium (the try all probly is but i dont know).

ha! its not just a KH rim! Its a kh freeride rim

Noob :sunglasses:

Yeah okay now you’re just being anal. It’s a rim, and it’s made by KH. Simple.

I’d probably go for the KH rim, I haven’t had any problems with mine, and I think the eyelets and the fact that it’s made for unicyclists by a unicyclist is a definite bonus. Who cares about a bit of weight loss anyway? You could always get a KH powdercoated if you felt the need.

argh! i said fusion!! i meant freeride… :o I think i’m gonna go for the kh as its cheaper…

i knew what ya meant :wink: