19" trials Unicycle

After discovering today that I can hop up stairs on my torker lx 20" I have decided that I want a trials Uni. If you want to offer me something please post picture(s) and a price. I might be interested in just a wheelset or frame, as long as it is 19".

I’m looking to spend about $200. (more or less, depends on what you’ve got)

Bump. Come on people it can’t hurt to offer.

got parts :slight_smile:
I have some seat clamps, frame, cranks, tire, pedals, spokes. well thats about all

Sounds very interesting, could you tell me the specks of everything, and how much you want for it?

I was just coming to bump this, but you did it for me. =)

I still want a trials uni, someone send me an offer.

I have a trials uni, has a club style frame, and an 05 krisholm hub.

Looking for about $100.00

See pm or email

I purchased one from onza limey.
I will now close this thread if I can figure out how.