19" trials Tube

I am trying to find a replacment trials inner tube for my KH.

I remmember reading somewhere that they are hard to find, but after using all the search features i cannot find where.

I live in Tasmania, Australia and i am going to call UDC later on in the day but i was wondering wether anyone here could shed some light on the issue for me.

where abouts do i buy a 19" inner tube (if there is such a thing)

and will a 20" be sufficient?




try any bike trials shop, they should have them, but there usually listed as 20" back innertubes… also a 19" should work fine, just make sure its wide enough for your tyre.

Thansk for your help guys, Trialsin is to far away to order from and i just called the LBS and he did not stock anything along the lines of 20" back innertubes. There are no trials bike shops in Tasmania at all :frowning:

i think i may have located one at UDC new zealand :slight_smile:



One of my LBS’ ordered some in for me. They cost me $9NZ each in the end, tho I got 6 or so at the time. Only got one or two left now.

I ordered in one of those trials tubes that are on UDC NZ, but I got way too many flats on it (about 7) and the last one was just beyond repair (the tube had torn apart at the seem).

So, instead of spending another $8 on a 20" tube, or another $15 on a trials tube, I went to a local motorcycle dealer and asked for a 19"X3" tube and have yet to flat. And at only $12, methinks it’s definitely worth it.

Unless you’re obsessed with weight, because things things probably weigh a few hundred grams more.

I tried that last time I was in Wellington, and the guy was like… What! That rim isn’t 19"
Ok, so turns out that motorcycle wheel diameter is measured differently… They measure the rim (smarter way) and a 19" rim is more like 16". Anyways, they didnt have anything thin enough, the closest they had was like 4" or something… Anyways it was huge, and so I went to the LBS and got a 20" tube which lasted like a week as usual.

I seriously had the worst luck with flats last time I was in Welly, lawaul.

i just use a 20x 2.3

You can also use the fattest 20" BMX tube that you can find. It will work. But won’t be the most durable tube you can get.

The rear trials bike tire was originally a moped tire. It has since been tweaked and specialized for trials bike use. But I believe it is still the original size of that moped tire.

Municycle.com sells a moped tube as a 19" trails tube. If you click through you can see that it is a Continental Moped A tube. That might be enough info for you to get the same size in NZ.

I haven’t tried the moped tube. I’ve always just used a fat 20" BMX tube. But I’m also not that abusive on my trials uni and have never had a flat with it. That’s an advantage of being over 30. I’m not so abusive on my equipment as you young folks. :wink:

I just use the regular 20 x 2,3 tubes and they do fine.

I just wen’t up to my bike shop and got an ultra thick 20x1.95" tire. Works great about 3 times heavier than the regular one but It hasen’t gone flat yet. (p.s. the tube UDC gave me was so crappy I didn’t even get to get on the thing before it went flat :angry: Oh well they paid for a $10 tube :slight_smile: )

If you can’t get the ultra thornproof I can imagine that thornproof would work just fine.

I bottomed out a few times on my DX… haven’t popped a tube yet, and not a significant enough bottoming out to get a flat spot in the rim.

a 15" motorcycle tube should work wonders. :slight_smile:

a 19" trials rim is really only 15"
a bicycle rim is 16"
motorcycles are measured by rim size
bicycles/unicycles are measured by INFLATED tire size (assuming you use a 2.0 tire)

Yeah I knew about that stuff, but not the 15" for mod trials and 16" for standard. I guess I don’t make sense when I type, but I try do my best. Thanks for the info anyways.

I dunno if I need a moped tire, because the Monty 2.7 has so much rubber on it that it seems impossible to snakebite/pinch flat compared to my old bald creepy crawler (which I loved to ride until the bead was stuffed).